Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Resources for ESL teachers and Master's candidates

Recently, I have had a lot of emails from companies and individuals who are interested in having me share content on the blog. I have said this before, but quite honestly, most of these requests I politely decline because this blog isn't about buying new glasses or shoes. It is about teaching, learning and education. Period.

So when I get requests that include information applicable to teaching, I'm much more likely to pay attention (in other words, actually read the whole email!) and consider what they person/company has to say.

I was contacted earlier in July by a very polite man from about sharing some information here at The Caffeinated Teacher with all of you. I actually read the email and meant to get back to him about it because, as you will see, it is about something near and dear to me....but I was up north on vacation and forgot about it. Thank goodness for his persistence because he emailed me again and I was mortified that I had forgotten! Better late than never, right? 

I am just going to be honest here. Had this site been about anything but what it is, I would have added it to my pile of "politely declined" information. However, they sang right to my heart when they told me that there is a huge section on their site about becoming certified to teach ESL. It was a "you had me at hello" moment. My first year of teaching, I had only one student who was an English Language Learner and I was lost in knowing what to do for him. All of these years later, I still wish I had known how to help him. My 2nd year of teaching, all but four of my students were ELLs and my principal encouraged me to add an ESL endorsement for job security as well as to help me be the best teacher that I could be for them. He just recently retired but every time I've seen him over the years, I have thanked him for encouraging me to pursue that certification because I found my true and honest passion for teaching when I began to teach (and understand) Second Language Learners.

Some of the pages that the fine folks at Certification Map asked me to look at are just loaded with information for anyone who is interested in pursuing an ESL certification.

There is great information throughout and its worth a look if teaching second language learners is something you have a passion for or simply are interested in learning about. Take the time to check out the site. The ESL section is just a small piece of the overall website and its well worth grabbing a cup o' joe (or Diet Coke if you're  me!) and checking it out.
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    Could you send me a copy of the spelling test tracker that you found at Laura Candler's website - i went on her site but couldn't find it!

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