Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reasons to be Happy

Tons of people I know have been really amazed that I'm not mad/angry/venting about my multiple movements this summer. They have griped and complained on my behalf.

All of this time, while I certainly haven't been happy, I have felt it necessary to keep it real, keep a smile on my face and just deal with it. As my dear grandma used to say, no where on your birth certificate does it say life is fair. And it is just crass to complain about having a job (even if it isn't an ideal one) when your friends and colleagues have been laid off. 

I'm definitely not looking forward to taking all of my hard work down off the walls in my 1st grade room (and oh am I going to miss that real teacher desk!)...but I also know that I am going to be so happy to be back at my school, where I belong, with my 4th grade friends. I had a good chunk of these kids in 2nd grade two years ago and have wanted this position so badly. I was quite honestly startled that I wasn't given it in the first place. But politics being what they are....things have happened that shouldn't have and it's all water under the bridge now.

I find it a bit amusing because yesterday during my training, I was talking with a nice man from the creative arts school I had applied to. He said to me, "wait, you didn't get hired there?? WHY? You are really passionate and awesome." Keep in mind, I had never met him before these trainings. As we were breaking for lunch, a literacy coach in the district, who is at the 3rd grade building I was initially put in saw me and said "hey I heard you were going to be with us?" and I told her about the mix up and SHE was upset that I wasn't going to be at her school because (her words), "man what a loss for us". 

So clearly, despite my big mouth, tendency to tell it like it is and willingness to do what is necessary to make my kids successful, other people in my district realize that I have a TON to offer a school. After the training was done, I had to run back to my almost former school and tell the secretary. They were doing registration all day and I didn't know if she had been told. Our principal retired and we have an interim in place (the world's nicest man, seriously). They were all congratulating me and super happy, even our school community coordinator and the custodians were welcoming me back. It feels SO awesome to know that I'm wanted and needed in the exact place where *I* want to be.

There are so many reasons why this move is so good for me...
1) I can use the Common Core spiral homework I used last year that gave me great results for my kids
2) I can use the Paragraph of the Week format again
3) I can use my beloved Calendar Board
4) I have about half of my babies from 2nd grade back!
5) I know the staff, I know the school, I know the routines...I can just slip right back in

I'm SO very grateful because I know this opportunity was given to me because I was patient. I was good. I have gone with the flow, kept my chin up and just taken everything as it comes. It's a lesson I definitely need to share with my students--never give up because the right opportunity WILL present itself.

Because we have an interim principal and he's more than willing to just make his teachers happy (have I mentioned he is the world's nicest man??), I am moving down and across the hall from my former room. I think I need a change of scenery. Plus the room I'm moving into was a straight 4th grade last year so everything I need is inside of it already. It will be nice to have a bit of a change of environment.

Another reason I secretly wanted to move? You've likely heard me mention how much I despise the bump outs in our school...well my room's bump out is ALL MINE. Why? Because next door is the teacher's lounge! So while we might hear laughing and giggling while the K-3 teachers are at lunch, for most of the day, that space will be empty and thus I can use my big fat voice all I want (seriously, it IS an issue lol).

Even better? No one will be in my former room....why do I care about that? Because it means that I can steal the 3 desktop computers that were in there and have NINE available computers for my room because we also have 6 laptops in the back. Score! 

The ONLY bummer is, the 1st grade school doesn't have an I have to cart all of my boxes back to the car by hand. It will likely take me 200 years since The Husband has to work tomorrow and can't help me this time. (He, for the record, thinks I am INSANE for not keeping the first grade job since I already moved into the school....but I ♥ the other school too much to not go back there. It's home.)

Stay tuned for pictures of my deconstructed first grade room and REconstructed fourth grade room :)
The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. I think I missed a post! You're going to teach 4th? You sure do go with the flow!

    1. Yep I got moved again yesterday...back to where I started :) I was a first grade teacher before lunch and a fourth grade teacher after lunch :)

  2. Wow. I am happy that you are happy. :) Good luck!

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