Sunday, August 4, 2013

Home Sweet Home, Shopping, Upcoming...

My goodness it is WONDERFUL to be back home. I have spent most of July up north in Michigan (use your hand as The Mitten and point about 3/4 the way up your "bad" finger, as my girls would say, and that's about where I was). Now I'm home (a tad under your pinky) and it is fabulous to be back. I ♥ my cabin but I'm ready to be home, get some things done and be productive again. July was a CrAzY month for me and I'm ready for the busy that is always August.

Whilst up north yesterday, The Oldest and I took yet another trip to Walmart in Houghton Lake. It's about an hour from our cabin but was just what this momma needed after being in that cabin for 2 rainy days with two little girls (age 10 and 11) and 5 animals. Shopping it is!
Early last week, we were there and found this. I have become the envy of my real-life teacher friends because only ONE of them has been able to find one at the Walmart's down here at home. 

They still had 5 of the ones above left when I got there yesterday but don't tell my friends or they'll kick me for not buying them all! :) I found this one and knew I had to have it for myself too. Just in case I have more than 27 kiddos (which I am praying for a SMALL class this year!) and to hold extras of homework, reading logs, etc.

I am not totally on a Chevron craze but I do like it. I read on a blog that a fellow blogger wasn't finding Chevron notebooks. So I bought some to send her and she had found some. Isn't that funny how it works. I shall twist my arm into using them myself ;)

I found this super cute math game there for $5. It says grades K-2 but since I will have 3rd and I teach ELL kiddos, I figured this wouldn't hurt. I had 2nd graders who finished the year with me still not quite solid on their basic addition facts. If nothing else, this will be a fun review math center.

I was SO glad to find these! The desks at my old school and in my new building are the same. They are really two person tables with an opening for the students' belongings. They are the veritable BANE of my existence. Kiddos are always tapping their pencils and it just drives me crazy! So each child will have a Pen Pal to put their pencil in during direct instruction. I'm hoping they work!

 I kind of love back-to-school shopping. I haven't really done as much as I normally do by this point in the year because last year my class and I got a Target Field Trip grant and whatever was left over, I was allowed to use for school supplies. We took three classes on a field trip and paid for the art supplies and I still had about $250 left over. I bought lots of composition notebooks, folders, etc so I'm set with that stuff thank goodness!

Right now the biggest thing I need to do for Back-to-School is finishing printing and laminating my goodies that I have made. That's totally on the To Do list for this week.

As I have mentioned a few times, I have been reading up a storm this summer! This is my current pile. (The bottom one is a re-read but the rest are all first reads.) I'm about halfway through Pathways and I suspect it will become my ELA Common Core Bible. It's GOOD. I am actually re-reading that bottom one because of Pathways and an idea I remember being in the bottom one that I am trying to wrap  my mind around. (More on that once I DO wrap my mind around it haha!)
I have read SO much this summer and feel so much more prepared to step into my classroom this fall. I am overjoyed to be teaching ONE grade again because with the requirements of CCSS and the way our district wants us to teach part of the reading block, it's nearly impossible to do justice to a double class and that's not fair to anyone, least of all the poor kids who end up in that class.

Finally, next Saturday is my 35th birthday. Do I seem like I'm 35? No? I didn't think so either. I sure don't act like what I thought people acted like when they turned 35 (you know how you were 10 and thought 30 was ancient?? Yeah....I did too.)  Sometimes I think I'm really only 25. Then I realize I would have had The Oldest when I was 7 and that's just creepy so I have to admit my age :p

Alas, I am having a virtual party for my birthday and YOU will be invited and guess what? YOU get to buy YOURSELF a present. How fun is that?? More details on that to come later in the week.

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. I saw those pocket things at Walmart and haven't bought them yet....but I want them :) I also LOVE those penpal things! I've never seen those before!

    Happy early birthday :)
    A Sunny Day in First Grade

    1. Thanks!

      I have never seen them either except in teacher supply type of catalogs (think Really Good Stuff) but they are SO expensive there! I'm glad I was able to buy enough for my class.

  2. LOVE the chevron notebooks. Too cute. Also, we vacation near Houghton Lake too. It's so beautiful up there!

    Wild About Fifth Grade