Friday, August 23, 2013

Five for Friday Linky

I'm linking up for Five for Friday! 

1. This was my super beautiful and almost done whole group corner of my 1st grade room that I spent slaving in on Monday (with no air conditioning and cackling neighbors out the window--seriously they were cackling and it was hilarious).

2. Spent Tuesday in PD going over the new units of study for this year. 

3. Spent Wednesday in the second half of Tuesday's PD and midway through got a phone call that I was going BACK where I started in 4th grade at almost Former School! (Someone quit so a spot opened up for me.) So grateful! Ready to head back home!

 4. Of course that lil switcheroo meant moving OUT of that beautifully done room in #1 and back to where I had been. I dealt with it because I am MUCH happier in 4th grade and wanted to be at my "home school"...but it was H-O-T in Michigan yesterday and I was dripping with sweat by the time I was done. GROSS!

{This is not my shirt...mine was actually MORE soaked. About an inch up the front of my thighs was the only part of me not soaked in sweat. Nasty!}

5. I took a DAY OFF today. I didn't do ANYTHING that was remotely productive and I don't care! It felt awesome after this insane week. 

{Pretty much my day...minus the beer!}

Have a great weekend!

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. yay for moving to your home school! Your classroom looked awesome though, hopefully you can get all ready for the new year back in fourth grade!


    1. I'm crazy about room organization and have been known to have my room done in a day and a half ;)

  2. Oh Raye... I am impressed at you for not kicking someone! I am glad you are back "home". I think first grade is so hard - I am much happier when they are a bit older. I like the even grades! Your room looked fabulous! When do you go back?

    1. Kids start Sept 3 and teachers officially report in on Aug 28. I could spend all day Monday and Tuesday there but I'm no going to. I will go in Tuesday with the rest of my stuff and get as much done as I can that day and then spend some time after our meetings on Wed finishing up. The good news is (as I am all about the positive here), I have been in my building long enough to have memorized each room's layout so setup will be easier. It's just getting my upper grade boxes back in there that will be a pain :)