Thursday, August 8, 2013

ClassDojo's New Feature!

Recently, I was contacted by ClassDojo about a fabulous new feature that they are offering. I've been sitting on this news for a couple of days and HOLY SMOKES was it hard not to share! If you are a ClassDojo user, you are going to L-O-V-E this!

Teachers Can Now Collaborate to Improve Students’ Behavior Across Classrooms with ClassDojo’s ‘Class Sharing’ Feature

New feature allows teachers to collaborate around students’ behavioral and character development and improve behavior consistently across the school day

SAN FRANCISCO – August 8th, 2013 - Today, ClassDojo, the free behavior management platform for teachers, students and parents, is launching ‘Class Sharing’ feature: the ability for teachers to share their classes with other teachers at their school. This enables teachers to collaborate in order to build positive behaviors and character strengths with their students across classrooms, through the school day. This is the first step towards helping teachers break down the walls separating their classes, and providing them the easiest way to consistently improve behavior with students as they move through classes during the school day.

The company is offering a limited number of ‘early-access’ slots, which teachers can get here:

ClassDojo’s ‘Class Sharing’ feature delivers on teachers’ most requested update: collaboration with other teachers across classrooms. ClassDojo was initially designed to allow a teacher to build positive behaviors in a single classroom; the team then discovered that teachers also wanted to work together on growing their students’ behavior. With this newest feature, several teachers in one school can now collaborate around a class of students to deliver consistent experiences that emphasize building positive behaviors and character strengths like participation, hard work, persistence, curiosity, risk-taking, and helping others. Teachers can now let other teachers provide feedback to their students by giving them ‘full access’ to the class; alternatively they can provide each other ‘view only’ access if they just want to share progress reports.

“Real-time reinforcement of positive behavior, especially when provided consistently by all the people who care about a student, influences future behavior and makes a lasting impact on a child’s development,” says Sam Chaudhary, a former teacher and co-founder of ClassDojo. “We've seen tremendous results as a stand alone teacher tool, and are excited to add to that success with increased collaboration across whole schools. When a student leaves a classroom, it’s not just that teacher who cares about their development, there are other teachers, administrators, and parents who want to be involved. We’re trying to bring all of these people together.”

“Our first step into more ‘whole school’ features is an exciting development that directly answers our users’ top request,” says Kalen Gallagher, another former teacher and ClassDojo’s first employee. “Teachers are excited about breaking down the walls between their classes and having yet another way to use ClassDojo to build positive learning habits with their students”

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ClassDojo’s mission is to address the ‘other half of education’ that goes beyond just building good test scores, to actually helping students develop the character strengths that are essential for lifetime success. The company is a graduate of the ‘Y-combinator for education’, ImagineK12, and is now one of the fastest growing education startups in history.

About ClassDojo:
ClassDojo is a real-time behavior feedback platform used by millions of teachers, students and parents to build specific positive behaviors like persistence, curiosity and teamwork at school. It helps teachers solve the most painful problem they face teachers: improving student behavior. It enables teachers to easily conduct their lesson and improve student behavior by providing students with visual and audio feedback triggered using a smartphone, tablet, or computer; it engages parents and students to effect changes in behavior outside of the classroom as well.

About the founders:
Sam Chaudhary worked as a high school teacher and McKinsey & Co education analyst, and has a degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge. Liam Don was an MMO game developer at Runescape (Jagex), and was doing a computer science PhD in Education Technology, which he left to start ClassDojo. ClassDojo was early-stage seed funded by the incubator ImagineK12.
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  1. Do you use Class Dojo? I use the clip chart behavior method. I'm thinking about incorporating Class Dojo. Any thoughts?

    1. Hi Gina!

      I have used Class Dojo but not consistently. I use a clip chart as well. But I think I am going to use Dojo this year because it provides a way for me to instantly document each student's behavior, something that isn't as easy to do with the Clip Chart.

  2. I love Class Dojo!! I carry it throughout class while holding my iPad :) The kids LOVE hearing the ding go off. I really only use it for positive behavior, but I don't eliminate points because we're focusing on positives :)

    I recommend Class Dojo to ANY teacher. The kids get excited to see their monsters too :) Sometimes, I even carry my Samsung Galaxy III to yard duty to remind my students that positive behavior continues outside of the classroom as well.

    1. I love that idea of carrying your phone with you to remind the kids that their positive behavior continues outside of the classroom too. I think this new feature is awesome because, in theory, if you got your specialist teachers on board, the behavior expectations would literally travel wherever the students are in the building.

      We are a positive behavior district (all schools now use PBIS in our district) and they are really big on the 5:1 positives. I think this would be such an easy way for ME to track how well I am doing on catching students doing good things.