Wednesday, August 14, 2013

1st Grade Space

Well, I did it. I went into my new school and begged to be let in. (Okay, I didn't have to beg. But that sounds so much more dramatic!)

The secretary is super nice. I was the only teacher in the building at the time, which kind of surprised me a bit. As far as I can tell, only three of the staff members are new there so that's probably why. Everyone who has been there before probably doesn't feel the need to come in this early. I did exactly what I wanted to do. I met the secretary, gave myself a tour of the school (found everything but the art room, I couldn't tell if it was up or downstairs!) and saw my room. It is right across from the main office. I said to her, "Ah, so ya'll heard about me, huh?" and she laughed. :)

I got to see my fabulous new classroom space and brought home the first TE for math and for Reading Street like I wanted to do. I am STOKED to note that my new school has the Common Core edition of Everyday Math. They must have been piloting it because I didn't find the "old" materials that everyone else is still using. I flipped through it and giggled. 1st grade math = easy. I have to remember it won't necessarily be easy for my new little friends! But compared to teach division...this will be cake for me!

My room is HUGE and I am in love with it. This is the first time since my first year of teaching that I am not in a "new" building. I've had the privilege to be in the newly constructed and/or remodeled schools for most of my career and this school is definitely "old school" makes me think so much of my very first classroom. I really actually love it. The only downside to this school will be the lack of air conditioning when its really hot. But I have TONS of windows so I can't complain.
Keep reading to see my fun new space. I didn't do ANYTHING to it except peel back a little part of the the paper covering one of the bookshelves so I could take the TEs home. I didn't move anything at all so this is exactly what I will return to on Monday.

2013-2014 First Grade Classroom BEFORE
 This is the teacher tech cabinet. Just like at all of my last schools, this houses the ELMO camera and the other technology (VCR, etc). I LOVE the bulletin board behind it and that little blackboard just makes me smile. You never see them anymore but my first classroom had one and I thought it was cute. :)

 Look at that board space!! And an interactive whiteboard. I've never had one so I don't even know how to use it! ha! But I LOVE the space I have because it will allow me to have areas for reminders, schedules, etc that won't take up space that I need for other things. I'm thinking of putting my calendar on the part where I wrote "books". We shall see.

 Everything hidden under that red paper in the corner is books, books, books! I am in LOVE with it. It was probably one of the biggest things I worried about because most of my own books are for older kids. I am definitely not going to have to worry about having enough books for my new friends to read. See the bulletin board? Just wait....

 Big book stand, math manipulatives, a bookshelf and more of my bulletin board....and again, just wait...

 Look at the rest of that bulletin board!! I had NOTHING like this at my last school and I am dizzy with anticipation over what I can do with that awesome space! You can see two student computers right by the door. See that tree on the wall in the far back? It's painted on. I have to figure out some way to incorporate it into my decorations. I think I might take pictures of my kiddos and make them small and put them on the branches like "leaves". I don't know how feasible that will be but I'm going to try it!

 View of my room from the whiteboard area. This room is HUGE. Super high ceilings and alllll of that awesome storage in the back. Everything covered in red paper is bookshelves. The ones in the back mostly have teacher type of materials (its where I got my TEs). It's a bit hard to see but the U-shaped table has an accordian divider behind it that I can use to separate spaces and/or use for center activities.  

 Another view of this area. I have an actual teacher desk (see it back there with the trash can on top?). I know lots of people have gotten theirs out of their rooms but I NEED a space of my own and I'm super glad I have a real desk with drawers again. And the windows! ♥ Two more student computers! Love it.

 This is the last section of my room, (if you were to turn once more to the right, you'd see what's in the first picture). Again, everything covered with that red paper are books! Definitely not going to have any trouble getting books into the hands of my little friends this year.

I am SO excited about my new classroom. Still apprehensive about teaching the little guys but I know I will be okay. I have been pinning and blog stalking first grade blogs for about a week and I'm at a point where I am starting to think, "hey, I can do this" :)

I think my biggest challenge with the way my new building is set up is that the boys bathroom is ALLLLLL the way down the hall while the girls bathroom is right outside my room and past the stairwell. I will have to work with my 1st/2nd split colleague, who has the same issue except she's near the boys' bathroom and see if we can coordinate our restroom breaks so that both bathrooms can be monitored. It will be one of the first things I ask about at our staff meeting because potty time is pretty important to 1st graders. That much I do remember! :)
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  1. That looks like such a great space!! I can't wait to see what you do with it-you must be excited for a fresh start!

    I think you'll be great with the little ones. I never thought or wanted to teach below 2nd, and I wound up teachers 2 years of K, a year of 1st and Readiness!

    They are a lot more affectionate at the level, and you can do more creative 'fun' things...they just take a lot of patience some days! Good luck!

    :) Kaitlyn
    Smiles and Sunshine

  2. I just happened upon your blog, and I'm excited to become a follower! I teach ESL, too, but at the upper elementary level. I'm sure you'll still have some great insights to share with me! Stop on over to my blog sometime! ~Deb
    Crafting Connections

  3. Your classroom is gigantic!!! Have a blast in 1st grade!

  4. Looks great! I haven't ever used an interactive white board either, but I'm pretty sure they are AWESOME! You'll have fun with that. I love the little tree. How cute! We do a family tree in our hallway and ask all the kids to bring in a photo of their whole family. Any photos of the kids or their families will make it really cute. I'm heading into my classroom tomorrow and hopefully I can make some progress because my in-laws are in town and can stay with Baby Sneaks.