Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It - July 29

 I have been busy this past week making things for my new 3rd graders! I still have a month before we officially report back to school but hope to get some time in my room in a couple of weeks. It will be so fun to see all of these in motion in my class! I found a super cute Monster theme on TpT and couldn't resist prepare for Monster Mania!

Made It #1 - Monster Vocabulary Journals

 I'm super, super in love with my new Vocabulary journals! Each student will have a journal and the modified Frayer will be inside. These are two-pocket prong folders so we can add pages as we go throughout the year. In mine, I have the pages for the vocabulary cycle planning in the inside front cover so I can keep myself organized throughout each cycle.
Made It #2 - Monster Name Plates
 I love these little name plates! I printed them and laminated them. I will write on them with Sharpie because with a little Expo cleaner, the Sharpie will come right off and they can then be reused.
Made It #3 - Monster Pencils
I could not resist these! I have pencil cups for sharpened and unsharpened already but these are too adorable. I can't wait to fasten them to my old canisters to give them a little kick!
Made It #4 - Monster Table Signs
Table Signs. There are 6, each with a different monster. I LOVE Table 2's monster! So cute. I will add ribbon and hang these from the ceiling above my table groups.
Made It #5 - Monster How We Get Home Banner
Adorable, right?? I will attach these on my door with ribbon connecting them and then add the students' names to clothespins. This way if their transportation needs change, I can quickly make the change on the sign without having to rewrite anything.
Made It #6 - Chair Pocket Numbers

 I've been working on these chair pockets FOREVER. (I put them aside when I didn't know what school I would end up in because the chair sizes vary so much in our district.) My new school has the same style of furniture as my old school so I can keep working on them. I decided to velcro the name circles from my Monster theme pack onto them so they are easily identifiable by child. Kind of small but they will work for our purposes.

Made It #7 - Math Workshop Board
 This is my only non-monster themed made it! I got this from Clutter-Free Classroom. It's been on my wishlist forever. Now that I will only have ONE grade again this year and our district is requiring a 90 minute math block, I am going to be able to put this to good use!
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