Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It - July 22

Woo hoo, I FINALLY have something to share for Monday Made It now that I have a set position for the fall. I will be printing, laminating and cutting like a mad woman all week (just waiting for my toner to come in) since I have SO MUCH TO DO now :)

Made It #1 - Word Wall Booklets

 This is a file I found on TpT and knew I had to have! 3rd grade specific Word Wall journals. Each child will have their own journal to record their word wall words and any other words that they may need help spelling throughout the year. This will be perfect as I'm working with groups and they are in the Work on Writing station because I won't have to worry about them asking me how to spell words we use often. 

Made It #2 - White Board Edges

I've had these white boards for about 5 years now. They are made from shower board from Lowe's. I haven't used them in a couple of years because Former School got some extra Title monies and bought white boards for each classroom. So these have been tucked up in the storage loft in our barn. When I saw that Tara herself had covered the edges with Duck Tape, I knew that this was a very easy way for me to revamp mine. The color above does not do them justice at all. it is really a teal-ish color. Half of them will be in that color and the other half will be purple. Love it!

Also wanted to share a cleaning tip for them. Regular white board cleaner and/or wipes don't work super well on these boards because they are made from shower tiles. I had some really, really gross looking boards when I started.
See? Gross, right? Keep in mind that these boards sat in my barn loft for two years, alternately baking in the summer and freezing in the winter. I never cleaned them off when I took them home that last time so some of them were in really bad shape.

 Here is the "after" product! :) They look like new, don't they? The secret? Well after wasting some time trying to clean them with white board cleaner, I realized that I probably had something in the house that would clean them better since they are shower tile after all. I pulled some Soap Scrub cleaner out of the cupboard, dabbed a little in the center, rubbed in in a bit and then rinsed it off. Viola! Came off like a charm, even those really nasty two from above! So if yours get gross and you're trying to clean them, use a little bit of Soap Scrub and they'll be good as new! :)
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  1. THANKs for the tip on cleaning the whiteboards. I'll have to get a bottle of that for school. In a pinch I've used hairspray, which actually works pretty well. And no, the hairspray wasn't mine...I borrowed it from another teacher.

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  2. Yay for MMI! I love seeing what everyone is doing. I like your word wall books.

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  3. I love these word wall books! I wanted to do something like that and attach it to their notebooks so they don't get lost!

    Since you have new position now, you should check out my giveaway for personalized name signs.. you can get one with your new school name!!

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