Monday, July 15, 2013

Job News (FINALLY)

What an insane spring/summer this has been! As most of my readers know, I was displaced on May 3, along with many other people, and have been waiting and waiting to find out where and what I would be teaching this fall.

In the meantime, I had an amazing job opportunity land in my lap that I applied for on a whim and made it through the 3rd interview for. I have been relatively secretive about that position because I didn't want to jinx anything. However, now that the interviews are over and the writing is likely on the wall (the position will be offered to the selected candidate by tomorrow so I am sure that they already know who they will be offering it to), I figured it would be okay to share about it after all of my secretive posts.

On June 28 we visited The Oldest's new college (now a university) in West Virginia. We had never been there because its 9 hours away. We all fell in L-O-V-E with the campus. It is gorgeous, everyone is very friendly and it is a very, very nice little private school. I joked that I was going to let The Oldest stay home and teach for me and I was going to go to school for her. (Sadly, she said "I don't think so, mom".) 

Turns out, however, they had an interim position open in the Department of Teacher Education that was basically a dream job. So I applied on a whim, thinking that it was a long shot. The very night I applied, I got a call for an interview! They were very impressed with my National Board work in the area of literacy because West Virginia has changed their teacher preparation laws in that they want all of their newly licensed teachers to also have reading endorsements. I was actually quite flattered to even get invited to interview because I've never taught college and I don't have a PhD.

I had an interview on July 3 over the phone since it's so far away and neither they nor I could afford to travel there for an initial interview. Within a half hour after the interview ended, I was called and invited to the 2nd round, via Skype. Holy crow! Scary and exciting all at once! 

I fretted and prepared and fretted some more. I was SO nervous. Thursday, July 11 I had my Skype interview with the two professors who had interviewed me via phone the week before and a few other staff members. I think it went well. I did mess up one answer but was honest about it and I think that leds credence to me that I am willing to say I don't know everything! The following day, last Friday, I had my 3rd and final interview with the President and Provost of the college! (Previously referred to as two Very Important People!) I should have been scared out of my wits for that interview...but I wasn't. I kind of figured I'd made it that far, there wasn't anymore reason to be scared.

It was an amazing interview--more like a chat between friends. I would be so flattered to be offered this position simply because it would be awesome to help change their school (they want to create some blended classes and asked how I felt about helping with that--I even said I'd do it for free, then laughed and said "well not really" but they exchanged a glance (a good one) when I said that.  I am the only candidate without a PhD or previous college teaching experience. So honestly, even if they don't select me, I will be okay with it because its flattering to have gotten as far as I did! I was told that the candidate they select will be notified by Tuesday at the latest so if I don't hear something by 5 p.m. tomorrow, I should assume that they offered the position to another candidate. 

The good things about the job would be that I would be in charge of the K-6 teacher program, working with preservice teachers which would be so awesome and fun. I know I would LOVE it. Plus with the changes they'd like to make in their programming, it would put me in line to possibly continue to teach for them remotely down the road.

The bad things about the job is I would have to move to West Virginia for a school year. I wouldn't be able to bring my Littles because I can't uproot them for a year since the position is temporary. It would also mean a pay cut for the year because higher ed positions (especially at small schools) tend to pay less than being in a public school (which is backwards in my mind). It would be doable but it would be tough. If they call me and offer the job to me, I will absolutely accept it.

One thing The Husband said to me about it was that the thought the fact that I am currently a practicing elementary teacher probably put me up near the top of their list because the candidates with PhDs likely haven't been in an elementary classroom in years. Plus, no matter what, I have a job. I am not desperate for this job because if I don't get it, I will still have a job here at home. So I could really just be myself in the interview and let my passion and personality shine through because I don't need to really impress anyone by saying what they want to hear. I did tell the Provost that I won't be sad if they don't select me because I want them to choose the best person for the job, even if that isn't me. 

Lastly, no matter what, I will be okay because today I FINALLY got placed for this fall. I will be teaching 3rd grade at a school my very good friend teaches at. It is, ironically enough, a position I had applied for but didn't end up getting an interview for. Weird, right? I know their whole staff is changing much like it did at my last school (which I now have to refer to as Former School *sigh*). But the school is a good one so I can't complain and my friend who works there said that the incoming 3rd graders are awesome. So that is very cool. 

So regardless of whether or not I end up a college professor for a year, I know that I will be just as happy to stay here in Michigan and teach 3rd grade. Its the ONLY grade I haven't had from 2-5th so I have no materials or Common Core anything for 3rd graders! Alas, it will be high time to get my behind in gear now that I finally know what I will be teaching and start making what I am going to need!

The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. Good luck from a total stranger! I hope it works out well for you. I lived in several places in WV, and I think I know the school. If so, it is a great community.

  2. I am so glad you can have some direction in making plans for the fall. I know you have hated that. Good luck either way! I would love to teach at a college. Enjoy the rest of you summer. I will pop back in later to see what the verdict is...

    Simply 2nd Resources

  3. Congratulations on making it that far AND finally getting a position from your district!! I've been following your job news closely, and wow, this university position sounds AMAZING. I would love to get into higher ed later in my career, and from what I can tell, you'd be perfect for it. Keep us updated!!

  4. Congratulations on both positions! I have been following your job news progress and I am very excited for you. A college professor job would look great on your resume. If you get it maybe you could go on sabbatical for a year with the public school dist. so you will still have a job when the year is over. Good luck with either position.

  5. I couldn't click fast enough to find out the news! I'm so impressed you made it that far through the interview process. Good for you! No matter what, you obviously WOW-ed them!
    And, it is nice to know that if you say in your area, you (FINALLY!) know your grade level. WooHoo!
    Glad things are finally falling into place for you...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade