Thursday, July 11, 2013

Interview Update

My Word Nerds post for Chapter 5 will be posted tomorrow. I'm a bit behind on it due to the preparation for my interviews this week! :)

My Skype interview was today at noon. I answered a bunch of questions and presented a short lesson sample. I feel really, really good about the interview. It doesn't mean I am going to be offered this position, but even if I am not, I am very proud of myself. I did the best I could, shared the knowledge I have and kept my cool while answering. A couple of the people on the panel were very stoic. They just might be amazing poker players! :) The two people I interviewed with before nodded several times with some of the answers I gave. I'd love to read into that and think that means I did really well, but I honestly just don't know and that's fine.

If there is anything I've learned this summer, it is to just live in the moment and take it as it comes. No matter what, it was an amazing opportunity to even interview for this position so I won't feel bad if they select someone with more experience. 

I have the last interview, with two Very Important People (arguably THE most important people at this school!) tomorrow at noon, also via Skype. I'm not sure of the timeline after that and how long it will take to find out if I made it. It would be wicked to know by tomorrow but I'm not going to bet on it. It will be very interesting to see where this goes!

And still no word from my own district despite their promises (multiple times). I just laugh and roll my eyes. Maybe I'll know what I'm teaching this fall by the first day of school. :p
The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. Okay, Raye, I'm sending positive thoughts your way.
    And, for the record, you are the first person I have ever known to be interviewed via Skype!
    Best of luck...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

    1. Thanks. It was definitely weird to interview via Skype! Once I can reveal a bit more about the position, it'll make sense why it was done that way :)

  2. Glad the interview went well. Hopefully you find out soon because the waiting is the worst part. Sounds like they are very interested if you have another interview tomorrow. Good luck! I just had a funny thought. With a skype interview you could dress nice on top and be in pajama bottoms and slippers ;0)

    1. Yep, waiting stinks...alas I have been waiting 2 months for a placement in my own district so waiting a weekend for a decision this big will be really easy! :)

      I totally thought about that with the interview....I was like "hmm, I could wear pj bottoms and no one would even know!" haha!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm even more nervous about that one since its with the super most important people ever!

  4. Best of luck. I will be sending positive thoughts your way around 12:00 tomorrow.