Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to School SCORE!

I have been on vacation at my cabin for most of July. Aside from staying home to interview via Skype (as my internet is much more reliable at home than out here in the sticks), I've been "up north" in Michigan for as much of the month as possible. It's peaceful and so quiet here (well except for my two little whipper snappers--they are not quiet at all haha!). I love it.

Saturday The Husband and The Oldest joined us at the cabin. Yesterday The Oldest and I headed into Houghton Lake to do a little shopping. We stopped into Walmart to pick up a few things for The Oldest and I couldn't resist peeking at the back-to-school section. Boy am I glad I did! 

27 Pocket Classroom Organizer -- $13!

When I saw the price, I had to buy it. It was the only thing that I purchased for back-to-school yesterday. I'm so glad I did! Once we got back to the cabin I opened it and it is VERY sturdy. I would argue that it is way more sturdy than the ones you buy through the teacher catalogs that are about $30. Now I'm sad I didn't buy two of them!

I have been mulling over what to do about mailboxes this coming year. I have no idea what materials/supplies are going to be given to me in my new school so I am planning as if I won't have anything (we were quite spoiled at my last school). I had to leave my super awesome mailboxes from Really Good Stuff behind because I didn't buy them, the school did. And I wanted something that wouldn't take up as much room. This is PERFECT. It actually holds file folders so in theory, each day my students could turn their homework into the basket and then put their homework folder into their space so its ready for homework that afternoon. 

Hopefully I won't have more than 27 kids but I know it is possible since I had 30 all last year (with two grades....ugh!). If I see another one of these at home, I am totally snagging it! You can't beat them for the price!
The Caffeinated Teacher


  1. Okay, I am SUPER jealous of your pocket organizer - I haven't found anything like it, and I have TWO WalMarts within 15 miles of my house. I know your pain of having to leave "school-purchased" items behind - I'm changing schools for the fourth and hopefully FINAL time, so I've experienced that issue often. When I started at my third school I started buying anything that wasn't exorbitant out of my own pocket "just in case" - turned out to be smart thinking! Didn't help with the colored cookware sets, the really good chef's knives, or the colored stand mixers though... :).

    I'm so glad that you've FINALLY got a placement for the fall! Can't wait to hear about your year!

    1. I have had so many colleagues mad at me about that organizer because after they saw mine on FB, they all ran to Walmart and found zero. I'm SO glad I bought it when I did!

      This is my 5th school change in 8 years. I was at my last school the longest (3 years). After seeing all of the shuffling that happened, my theory is that they moved those of us with higher achievement with the ESL endorsement because of the 7 of us who got displaced at my school, 4 had ESL endorsements. I will be in a predominantly ESL building so it will work out in the end but I am SOOOOO sick of changing schools lol I really hope I can stay put this time...and maybe even in the same darn grade too! :)