Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to School Goals 2013 (Linky!)

I'm linking up with Jess from I {heart} Recess for a Back to School Goals linky party. 

Personal: In January 2013, I went to a medical weight loss clinic and began a journey toward finally losing the weight I needed to stop carrying around. By mid-May I had lost 35 lbs and felt amazing. However, with the upheaval with our school displacements, the surprising interview of early July and being at my cabin most of the summer, I have reverted back to my old habits. I've gained a bit of weight back (nothing drastic but enough that I don't like it!) and honestly, I feel like crud! So it's time to get back on track. We're home from our July at the cabin on Sunday night and I'm gearing up to make August a happy and healthy month (not an easy feat since my birthday is in there).

Organization: I tend to be very organized but this fall will be my fourth one in row of a grade level and room change. This time, I'm also changing buildings so it's a fresh start. Therefore when I unpack in my new school, I am going to have labels, tubs and bins for every possible thing I can imagine and I am going to do my best to keep things IN their proper place. It's so easy to just stick things in the cupboard to "get to later" but later never comes, does it?

Planning: I have been wanting to get back to a Math Workshop for a couple of years. I am determined to plan my math workshop skeletally out at least two weeks at at time and then fine tune on a daily basis (for remediation, etc). I also plan to finally find a way to best incorporate the Daily 5 into my reading block because I want my kids engaged in authentic literacy learning--not the contrived activities that often come with our reading series. So it will be essential for me to stay on top of my planning so that I'm not tempted to push things aside for the sake of time.

Professional: There has been a ton of talk in my district about using Performance Based Assessments (PBAs) in math. I know this will be coming up with the new Smarter Balanced testing as part of the Common Core and I want to learn how to better create my own so that I can truly see where my students are performing with their math.

Students: I simply say "Enjoy them" because over the past two years I think things have been piled on us so much that I often just don't get to enjoy my students for who they are. They are smart, funny and caring little souls that I want to be able to enjoy on more than just a teacher-student level. I don't want to go to their birthday parties or eat dinner with their families but I do want to be able to celebrate their successes and have fun with them on an appropriate level that is still in line with the work we need to do in school.

Motto: "He who angers you, controls you" is a saying I saw on a church sign years ago (I was still an undergrad so it was at least 10 years ago). It rings so true to me after all of these years. The reason this will be my personal motto is because I often let the things that happen in my district just kill me--drive me insane, make me want to rip my hair out kill me--and it isn't worth the agony. I can't control or change their thinking so I'm wasting my happy time being mad at them. So no more. It's going to roll off my back and that's that.

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  1. Great goals! Thanks for sharing. You can do it. I am joining you on the weight loss train.

    Simply 2nd Resources

  2. I love your motto. I think I will create a Post-It on my computer screen at work and put that in big letters. I definitely need that reminder!