Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Total Participation Task Cards + Freebie

 Happy Tuesday!

I've been plowing right through my reading pile and was so inspired by Total Participation Techniques, I decided to create the files and make them available for you! Check out some of the tasks available with this product!

Students participate in classroom discussion through the use of True/Not True cards. Optionally add in the "True with modifications" or "unable to determine" cards to really push their thinking

Processing Cards -- Cut the outline and fold to make a table tent so you can always see where your kids are in their thinking

Appointment Agenda -- More sophisticated than the old standby of Clock Partners

 I am super excited about this product and will definitely be using it in my classroom this fall. I love that you can simply copy, laminate and stick things in a folder to keep at the students' desks for instant use whenever you want!

You can access this file at Teacher's Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook.

On Sunday, I linked up with The Applicious Teacher and forgot to add my freebie file when I first made the post so I'm including it here if you'd like it. One way I manage student papers without names (of which I still get tons of even in the upper grades) is with Speeding Tickets. There isn't really a penalty but my paper helpers LOVE putting these notes on the papers and sticking them in the Speeding Ticket Folder. Personally, I like the little Police Officer! Click here to get this item for free on Teacher's Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook.


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  1. Ah!! I am attending a Smekens Literacy conference today and tomorrow and she showed off those types of cards for TPT! :) Nice!!