Sunday, June 9, 2013

An Apple a Day {Linky} - Classroom Decor

As I was blog stalking today I found several posts about Classroom Decor and discovered there is a super fun summer-long linky party going on! (Must be the "thing" this summer--because this isn't the first summer-long linky I've seen announced! :)

Anywho, I decided to join up with The Applicious Teacher for this fun linky...and I'm glad I did because while I've never really gone with a "theme", I've already found some super fabulous ideas for next year! Once I figure out where I'll be and what grade, I'll be able to make a choice on my theme for next year.

The one year I really did a "theme", I went with a Hollywood style. Here are some of the products I used to go along with this theme.

 Calendar Cards that said "Now Showing" on the top and "Admit One" on the bottom.

Cast and Crew Jobs Signs

Welcome Sign for the Hallway

Word Wall Banner and Cards

I even had this stamp made for kiddos who never put their name on their paper

I guess I am just not a "theme" kind of teacher because that one year (out of seven) is the only time I've really stuck to one theme. Although after checking out some of the blogs linked up with this linky party, I know that won't be true for this coming year. I came across Schoolgirl Style and am IN LOVE. How have I not heard of her designs before??? 

Depending upon where I land next year will determine the theme I go with...more because I'd like it to be somewhat aligned with the school and grade level. Here are my top three choices though.

 This one may be the clear winner simply because who doesn't love Chevron?? You customize your color and viola! I LOVE the black and's simple yet classy. This would look fabulous in my current (um...former *sniff*) school, especially with a splash of color! Plus, this would work well with any grade level so no matter what it may just win anyway!

If I end up at the school I have a placement interview at Monday morning, one of these two themes may be the top runner. I am interviewing for a 3/4 split (I just couldn't let go of 4th because I ♥ it so much) and a solid 5th.

I think if I end up in the solid 5, I may go with the Road Trip because it's just adorable! I love the addition of the supplies from McDonald's to make it even better and the license plates are super fun!
If I were to land there in the 3/4 split, I may go with this teamwork theme because the kids need to realize that despite being in two different grade levels....we are all in this together. I'm not a sports fan but this theme just tickles my fancy. (Not as much as the Road Trip but I do like it!)

No matter what happens and where I end up (because it may not be at the school I am interviewing with tomorrow), one of these themes is likely to be my theme next year. It will be nice to start my year in a new school (and possibly grade) by having a cute, fun theme to spice up my classroom. 

Be sure to head on over and link up with this super fun linky party!


  1. I did a Hollywood theme, too, and loved it!! I had similar job names and a "Meet the Cast", etc.. It was such a fun theme!

    First Grade and Flip Flops

  2. Raye- I am so glad you found my linky and Schoolgirl style! I hope you entered her giveaway! Best of luck to you. I am sure you will do great at your interviews! Best of luck!

    The Applicious Teacher