Sunday, December 23, 2012

Prepping for my Student Teacher

Days later, I am still kind of in shock that I am getting a student teacher. I have asked every semester that I've been at my current school, usually for a TA (a half day teacher assistant, which is the semester before student teaching), but no luck. Apparently the coordinator from the university has been favoring teachers she knows will give the students a good experience. I can understand this to some degree but it's also unfair to people like me who've never had anyone and are dying to mentor someone for real. My principal went to bat and said the wealth needed to be spread around a little so here we are. I'm super grateful but also nervous as heck because while I've mentored new teachers before, it's been unofficial. They haven't been in  my room with me all day learning from me.

I may be a bit more nervous than she is! As such, I knew I wanted to do something for her. Partly because she told me that she was waiting on pins and needles to finally get a placement and partly because we're in this together--I want her to feel welcome and like part of the team.

Naturally I went looking on TpT for some inspiration. I found this packet from Rachelle at What The Teacher Wants. Bonus, I had enough credits to pay for it outright. It was just what I needed! Couple that with a trip to Target for some goodies plus a handmade sign by one of my students and my student teacher will have a great welcome on her first day!

Couldn't resist getting her her very own little bucket that I added her name too. I  love the Dollar Spot at Target!

This is the cover of the journal I found. I thought it was perfect!

Her binder and bucket.

The inside of the binder. (The welcome note the kids made will be in here too.)



  1. Super cool! I'm getting my first student teacher in January, too. I have the student teacher packet from Rachelle and I'm going to make something super cute like what you did. How welcoming and fun!

    The Math Penguin

  2. I'm getting a student teacher, too! I'm subscribing to your blog to get some ideas to make her experience go well!

    1. Hi Colleen! I hope you find some of my ideas helpful!

  3. I'm getting a student teacher, too! Subscribing to your blog to help me make her experience go well!