Saturday, December 17, 2011

Vacation is Here & National Board Stuff

Oh glorious vacation....I ♥ you!

We got our new puppy last night, who is just adorable. See? 

We have been having a lot of fun with him today. We bought Wee Wee puppy pads for him since we know once we go back to school, he'll be home all day with our big dog. So far, he's only gone on them once. Every other time he has gone, he's either gone outside (yay!) or on the floor (boo!). He's just a baby though so we're not getting on his case too much. I'm not sure he was ever outside before we took him home last night. He was shivering the whole ride home, poor guy! Our 7 year old dog isn't sure what to make of this little guy quite yet. The Littles and The Oldest are in love and so am I. Sooo cute, fluffy and fun!

The Oldest and I went out earlier this afternoon for pedicures. Oh the joy of having someone else rub my feet! She was tickling me though and I almost accidentally kicked her in the face. Oops! I got the same color on my nails as on my feet and I feel decadently relaxed. Perfect way to start a vacation! And I will get my nails done again the day before we return to school, along with my hair done. I am going to pamper myself while I can!

Currently I am gearing up to working on National Board (finally!). I am going to do Entry 4 first since I have everything I need already for that one. Then I will do Entry 2. I am hopeful to have at least a first draft of both of those done by the time we return to school. That way I can really look hard at my video for Entry 3 and determine if it is what I want to use or if I want to retape it. If I can at least get Entry 2 and 4 done this break, I will feel a lot better. I have everything I need for both of them, I just have to start writing the entries themselves. I know I am going to drive myself crazy with it all because it isn't "normal" writing that you would do for a college paper at all and that is probably going to be hard for me to deal with at first. I already made The Husband promise to be a reader for me -- since he is totally not a teacher, I figure if the entries make sense to him based on the rubric, then I should be good to go. In some ways this kind of makes me miss academia a bit. I'm sad that I haven't heard anything from the community college I had a workshop for awhile ago about teaching a writing class there. I know I have a lot going on anyway but man it would be worth it to add this to my plate. I just figure that if they don't call me this time around, it just isn't my time yet. I am sure in a couple of weeks I won't even have time to worry about the fact that I haven't heard from them!

Happy weekend!



  1. oh my gosh, your new baby is adorable!!! Happy vacation Sunny!

  2. And it really feels like having a baby--complete with middle of the night pottying and everything :)