Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Observation...what observation?

I achieved tenure earlier this year even though I wasn't sure if I would or not based on my leave of absence two years ago. Fortunately for me, they count my first hire date (March 2007) as opposed to my official full-time hire date (November 2007) so I became tenured this year after all. Whew! What that means is that I am no longer on the "long process" evaluation system. This year, since the evaluation systems have changed, it means full out lesson plans (like the ITIPs we had to do in college -- ick), a formal meeting, blah blah. When I found out that is what the new process was, I was thanking my stars I did not have to do that!

Observations were due today. So naturally Mrs. Principal waits until TODAY (ie the day of the biggest field trip of our lives) to observe me. Nice. She also came in DURING RECESS. ?! The only reason we were even still in the room is because the kids were being little stinkers and I said we were NOT having recess until I was done with my conferring! How could it count as an actual observation if the kids hadn't been in the room? I guess since it is "informal" it doesn't matter as much.

She checked my walls and whatnot (there are about a million things that we're supposed to have up--and we wonder why the kids *and teachers!* are ADHD!), wrote up a quick blurb and left. They're using a new online evaluation system so I got an email immediately that it was released for my review. The only suggestion was to make sure that I got writing exemplars put up. Well since I haven't taught 2nd grade in years and have had no level 8 papers to display....but whatever. That's easy enough to fix. If that's all she could find to say, I'm not doing too bad!

I bet a million dollars she didn't give suggestions to my teammates, neither of whom have any DDI stuff up (which is also a district expectation). Whatever. They're major behind kissers so I have no doubt she would never give them hell about not doing what they are expected to do. Not to mention that I was told today that while both of them acted shocked to learn I was getting a new kid right before a two week break, the pair of them, in fact, orchestrated this child being put into MY room. I was not impressed. I got the last new kid too. Not that I really care but to act all innocent about it is just bull. I don't have time for fake people in my life, not even colleagues.

I am just sorely annoyed by the whole thing. Add to the fact that The Husband apparently has massive PMS (he's been super cranky all day which makes ME cranky) and a super huge all morning field trip and thus a crazy afternoon....I'm tired and not in the mood for anyone's crap. Just shut up, let me do my job and leave me alone. I don't care that I got the new kid. I knew it would happen because I just lost a kid too. But their game is what is ticking me off -- don't act like you had no idea I was getting a new kid when you orchestrated it. AND they had the nerve to ask one of the lit coaches to complain to the secretary about it like she doesn't know how to do her job. Vacation can not come fast enough!



  1. WOW! You aren't concerned that your Principal or teammates will read this post? This is a tough time of year for everyone! We all need to give each other a little grace! Vacation will be here soon!

  2. Hang in there dearie :) Just remember that karma is a beast and they'll get their due at some point. That usually helps keep me going lol :)


  3. Oh girl!! I can so relate. I finally got the paperwork back on my observation from October today. Luckily I had all exceeds on it which was the best I could get. I also have those neighbors who do not do what they are supposed to and then get bad at me! So annoying! Hang in there!

    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

  4. @t.ulch-- nope, I'm not. It isn't like I massively badmouth them daily. I just say what I feel and that's that :)

    lol Haley, so true!

  5. I'm dreaming of a .....Christmas break that can't get here soon enough! :)