Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hello, my name is Humble...

Wow. I am kind of speechless. Which never happens to me. (Seriously, I could talk about anything. For hours.)

About a week ago, I got an email from some lady in the MDE about a National Board grant. I had not applied previously because they said not to unless you really had financial need. Well this gal emailed and said they had on record that I was a first time candidate and there was still federal monies available to cover part of the fee. She sent me the application which was originally due December 1 (and it was after that). So I filled it out, did the work I needed to do (write a page about what NBC meant to me and had a colleague verify that I do, in fact, work at my school and would benefit from the grant).

I got word today that the grant was funded and I will get a refund from NB in a week or so. Cue me with my mouth hanging open in disbelief.

Wow. Just wow.

I am truly humbled that this woman sought me out and told me to apply despite financial non-need because they had the money available and it's a "use it or lose it" thing from the fed government. I am giving it all to our cabin fund since The Husband took money from our cabin repay fund to pay the balance of the fee. When I get my stipend from the district, I am going to keep some for myself (kind of a huge nest egg) and I am going to use some to "pay it forward" since I got money that I really did not need, simply because others did not claim it.

Very awesome.


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  1. That is awesome :)