Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy (almost) 2012!!

Just wanted to take a minute and wish all my fellow bloggers out there a very happy new year! 2012 will be an amazingly busy year for me.

National Board is going to consume me for the next few months but I have been smart and working a bit at a time so I don't get massively overwhelmed. Yesterday I joined an online forum focused on NB that I am already finding to be immensely helpful. I asked a bunch of friends on FB if they would be willing to read one entry for me, just so I have some outside opinions and found when I asked about this practice on the forum that they said they often ONLY read one entry for someone so that the writer's work remains their work and not too influenced by an outside party. So I feel good about my decision to go ahead and pay the fee and join. It's been immensely helpful so far.

I had a dream last night that I was told I will be teaching 5th grade again for 2012-2013. I have to say I would not turn the opportunity down if presented to me. If Mrs. CT retires this year like she has been talking about, it isn't impossible that I would be moved. Plus the current 4th graders are "that class" that everyone has struggled with. One of our coaches said last year that she was mad they didn't put me with the 4th grade because they needed someone "strong" for that group. Way too early to speculate on any of it.

No big plans here in "Sunnyville" for tonight. The Oldest is going to dinner with her boyfriend and his parents and we're more than likely going to hang out just watching TV. Well, the rest of my family will waste their time watching TV, I will more than likely spend it either a) reading or b) workingon Entry 2.

Speaking of reading, there is a fun new blog that was started and I am super excited about it because it's all about books. Oh books. It is called The Best Endings. I did not ask to be a contributor at this point simply because I know I am not going to have enough time with NB. It got me thinking though...currently, I am reading the following things:

-NB standards for EMC Literacy
-Run by Blake Crouch
-Shattered by Karen Robards
-Aspergirls by Rudy Simone *best book I've read so far about girls with Asperger's*
-The Complete Guide to Asperger's Syndrome by Tony Attwood
-Games for Writing by Peggy Kaye
-Your Child's Writing Life by Pam Allyn

Yeah...all at the same time. Can you say ADD?? I am mostly focused on Run and Aspergirls even though I know I should be focused on studying and internalizing my standards!! ;) Run is a thriller along the lines of Stephen King -- it's gross and scary but you just can't stop reading it!! Aspergirls of course is on the top because every chapter provides more validation for what I've known for years about Middle Child. Knowledge is power, no?

So to that end friends, have a safe and book-filled 2012 :D



  1. Happy New Year Sunny! Would you send me the link to that board. I'm rolling up my National Board sleeves too and hitting the ground running starting tomorrow. If you would email it to me (littlestlearners @ gmail . com (no spaces obviously) I would be very grateful. Have fun rocking in the new year with your books. Sounds perfect to me! :)

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  2. Hi - I just found your blog and would love to know the name of the board you joined as well. My email is ray1008 @ no spaces. Thanks so much.