Thursday, December 1, 2011

But I really DO want you to hire me!!

Every once in awhile, something happens that just makes me think the fates have aligned and I am just lucky enough to be there to be part of it.

Earlier this year, I posted about DDI strategies. It's a program after my own heart because Kathleen, the founder, actually started coming up with these ideas to help her son who was a struggling reader. It touched my heart hardcore when I first heard that last year because Middle Child so fits that profile and I figured if this could work so well for one struggling reader, it could work for mine. Well last year our district implemented DDI and I jumped right in. LOVED it. My district doesn't interpret it necessarily the way they should but that happens a lot everywhere.

In October, I got a blog comment when I posted about how I reworked and arranged DDI to make sense to me for 2nd grade. It was from Kathleen's sister! Ooooh, I'd been HAD! But fortunately, my identity has been safe and life has carried on well. I am slowly but surely bringing DDI into my fellow 2nd grade teachers' classrooms and really hoping to help them rock and roll with it starting in January.

Today I had a PD again for DDI. Very excited was I. I'm not joking. My nerd flag flies VERY proudly at these sorts of things. I get them. They make sense. So during one part I sort of whisper to Kathleen that her sister left a comment on my blog and imagine my shock when she knew exactly who I was. I did not want to reveal my blog identity publicly so we went into the hall a moment and she shocked me by saying that she FRAMED my post about how fabulous DDI is. ♥ Then I told her that I just want her to hire me.

And I wasn't being a behind smoocher either. Seriously people....this stuff just MAKES SENSE for good teaching. And it's easy. In fact, I mentioned it to Middle Child's teachers last year and they wanted to know more. I just let myself fantasize for a moment about how friggin awesome it would be to be the Michigan-based consultant. I have it all planned out in my head because I'm a freak (and I'm not afraid to dream a little). Kathleen even gave me a hug and it was like kindred spirits. Seriously. I gave her my "real" identity information and that's that.

I talked to The Husband after I left and was headed back to school and he said he couldn't remember the last time I sounded so excited. I think that district isn't going to be able to keep me in the long run. I have a TON of ambition and I am afraid that with how they do some things that I will end up way jaded and I am too young for that. I don't think I am jaded right now...but I HAVE BEEN and I had to dig myself out of that. Changing schools helped a ton. But really, I worry about that. If the administration don't start respecting us and treating us like professionals...I am not going to be able to stick around. It's about the KIDS. And really, consulting is the best of both worlds, I think. You still get to be a teacher and work with kids (AND their teachers which is a bonus) but you don't have the data and the other pressures. I keep telling The Husband that some day I am going to just start my own school where teachers can, oh I don't know, teach maybe?! 

Seriously. I can't tell you how overjoyed I have been all day to just know that someone like Kathleen has read my lil ole blog and gets that *I* get it. I'm just kind of mad that I didn't think up all of this fabulous stuff myself! Really though, my job is to help children and this work helps children. I know it does because I saw the proof myself last year.

If nothing else, I got my ego stroked just a little bit today and it's always nice to have someone else see the real you and appreciate where you are and what you're trying to do. It's pretty humbling and awesome all at the same time.


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  1. Yay! I love to hear an educator excited about something that really *works*!!!

    I'm feeling pretty jaded down here. Like, super jaded. I'm so ready to be done at my school. The nice thing about quitting, though, is that I can actually say what I'm thinking instead of biting my lip and not making waves. I'm too shy, I think. I should have been fighting for my kids all along rather than being afraid that my boss will hate me.

    Let her hate me. I wanna be excited about my job, too.