Thursday, December 22, 2011

Asperger's Syndrome

Just curious if anyone in the blogosphere has any book recommendations for kiddos with Asperger's? 

I have suspected that Middle Child is an Aspie since she was in 1st grade (she's in 4th). Her school psychologist did some testing in 1st grade and told me a) she wasn't dyslexic [guess what, yes she is!] and b) she wasn't on the Autistic Spectrum. Over the last month or so we have been to two specialists who deal with children with Asperger's and both told me that I am not crazy, this child IS on the ASD spectrum.

I love validation! We had our consult with the last specialist yesterday. I kind of chuckled because she was like "well I want to caution  you that this diagnosis isn't going to CHANGE who she is and it isn't BAD". I told her, flat out, that I am not out to change Middle Child at all! I love her the way she is! The only reason I am persistent in getting this done is because of the services she will be able to receive in school if her diagnosis is correct. (Currently it is Emotional Impairment because they had to label her "something" to open the doors for resource service since I knew damn well their psychiatrist was off her rocker when she told me that Middle Child isn't dyslexic.)

So I have done what any other awesome parent would do -- scoured for some books that will help ME better understand Asperger's now that I really know that is what we're dealing with as well as books that will help HER to better relate to others and certain situations. I found some that I think I am going to order (great reviews) but was curious if any of my readers have books they would recommend.



  1. Hi Sunny, Just read your post. My 17 year old son has Aspergers- diagnosed in the 5th grade. He is a love, but at times it is a challenge -especially with school. I also liked a diagnosis-to receive school services-which I push for nonstop! I have lots of books and resources to share. I have to run out - finish shopping right now, but I will write back later with suggestions. Louanne :)
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  2. Aspergers Syndrome and Difficult Moments is a great go-to. I teach ASD resource, and this book has been paramount. Also, look at the ASD in the Mainstream Classroom (Scholastic). It is written in lay terms and is really helpful to my gen-ed teachers.

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Frau! I found a couple of good ones on amazon too that I am looking into getting. I'm also lucky that one of my colleagues who teaches students with ASD said she'd share some of her resources with me too.

  4. Temple Grandin books and movie. "Shows" the amazing way this woman thinks,and what she has accomplished in her life.