Saturday, November 12, 2011

S*@$ty Saturday >:(

I am SO pissed right now. My husband just deleted ALL of my National Board videos. Every.Single.One.

So what does that mean?? I am no farther ahead than I was 3 months ago.

I would REALLY like to throw something right now. Preferably at his head.

I am going to go cry now. Because the last ones I taped were PERFECT. I mean it. ABSOLUTE PERFECTION IN EVERY WAY. The kids were on their game and so was I. They are going to be so upset when I tell them we have to start all over and that our hard work was wasted. :(



  1. Oh Sunny!! I am sooo sorry! I can imagine how you feel because my husband does things inadvertently just like that! I don't think he's deleted something THAT important, though. You didn't save them at school, by chance?


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  2. Nope, Melly I did not. The SD card was damaged so I taped them directly to the camera memory. He was messing with the camera trying to burn the videos for me to review and accidentally deleted them all. :/ I did not know he was trying to burn them yet otherwise I would have backed them up first.

    Hopefully all is not lost...two of my FaceBook friends told me about a program we should be able to use that may help us recover them. Cross your fingers because it will just suck to have to do them over.

  3. Not that I condone violence of any kind, but you might feel better if you hit the hubby. Not too hard, but enough to make you feel better. If not him, hit a pillow with a photo of him at the top. That sucks. I did my Masters online and I was terrified that my portfolio would be lost in cyberspace somewhere. :( Did you check the recycle bin if they were on the computer??

  4. haha, Haley! I'm with ya. Girl, I was SO livid yesterday! You NEVER, EVER mess with files without backing them up first. Considering this man has a huge EXTERNAL hard drive and backs up his ENTIRE computer at least monthly, he knew better!!!

    I am working with a company that claims they can recover my files to perfection so here's hoping. When I tried their software it recovered the files but they are crap -- all distorted and pixelated and therefore not usable. I sent an angry email to them saying their software sucks and I'm SO glad I wasted my money to be no farther ahead than I already was...and they emailed and said they WILL get the files recovered. Time will tell.