Monday, July 25, 2011

Student Accountability

I know that I don't have to tell anyone reading this that teachers have had the word "accountability" thrown in our faces so often, we'd like to scream whenever we hear it. Personally, I am a huge advocate for student accountability. 

Earlier this year, my 5th grade team and I went to a training about lexiling books. The gal who presented put the notion in my head about the kiddos having data binders to keep track of their own progress. I thought it was an amazing idea. She even showed us examples of KINDERGARTNERS who had amazing binders where they kept track of their learning (popcorn words, etc). I love it.

I belong to a couple of yahoo groups and I get the digests because I don't want a ton of emails every day. In my digest this morning, there was a link to this book:

Additionally, the gal who posted about it said that there is a free study guide for the book at the publisher's website. It's a 44 page guide! Wow. I checked it out at Amazon and because it seems to go right along with what I'd like to do with helping my 2nd graders be accountable, I had to buy it (and download the study guide which you can find here).

And while I was there....I just couldn't resist this:

Don't you just love Scaredy Squirrel??



  1. Our students have been keeping their own data folders for several years. Each folder tracks their Reading Counts progress, their Benchmark scores, DIBELS scores, and attendance and behavior. I teach second grade and my kids are very capable of reading and understanding what the data stands for. This year, I will go one step further and have them do their own graphing with a "benchmark" line on their graph to give them a visual of where they should be to be on grade level. I'm really looking forward to this year!

  2. That little guy is cute.

    I like the idea of parent and student accountability. If they drop the ball, they owe money to someone.

  3. @gmonee5 -- yes!! You totally got what I'm saying. I'm not sure why I never thought to put it all together in a binder. I've always had my kiddos tracking something or other and I LOVE the idea of a data binder. The ONLY school supply I requested was 30 binders for these (a church donates supplies to our school and tries to get everyone at least something from their wish list). At the worst...we'll use folders!

    @Underground -- I'm all about accountability for everyone. I think that, unfortunately, there are a lot of teachers who have put us all in the position we're in today but I also think it is GOOD. We NEED to be accountable, but we also need to show our kiddos and their families that the accountability is a three way street here. We ALL share in that. I hope this is a way I can help my young friends learn that early :)