Monday, January 24, 2011

Yes, my face is pink!

Apparently our Persuasive Letters were better than I thought. Mrs. Principal has been bragging about them to other teachers in our school! That makes me feel really good. Especially because our 2nd round of MAP testing starts tomorrow and I am paranoid that they are going to go backward like last year.

Every 1st and 3rd Monday we have contracted meetings -- the 1st one is actually a staff meeting and the 3rd one is for grade level collaboration (ie data). Last Monday was 3rd Monday and we were off for MLK so we all agreed to have it today instead.

Mrs. Principal, Mrs. Literacy Coach and Mrs. RTI joined our grade level for part of our time. And Mrs. Principal said at least twice how great the letters were and how impressed she was with their writing. Go me!

I was starting to feel a bit embarrassed by how much they gushed! But at least I know that I'm doing something good with these kiddos. Tomorrow they get to chew gum for the MAP and hopefully it'll help them relax enough to do their best!


  1. I know your kids will do awesome! Good luck!

  2. Your class will totally rock the MAP because their teacher clearly rocks!

  3. Yay YOU!! Good luck on those MAP tests- I'm sure they'll do great ;)

  4. How wonderful!! Good luck on your tests :)

  5. That's great! I love it when administrators have something positive to say! :)