Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Where's my snow?

As I read around the blogosphere, I can't help but be insanely jealous of those out there who are getting snow days lately. We haven't had any this year so far and I'm not a happy girl about it. I ♥ me some snow days! My first official contract year, we had 2 days off in a row because the windchill was -25 which is pretty crazy. The second day, I actually went to school and did some work because I was bored!

My district doesn't often cancel school. I swear they keep the kids in school so they can feed them. As mean as that sounds, it makes me mad. One time last year, we had a blizzard that kept most areas schools closed for 3 days in a row...but we had school. And I was driving over 30 minutes one way to get to work and often it was taking me 60 to get there those days. On the third day, after having had school but not having enough attendance (which means it was a snow day anyway), I'd had enough and called in the last day. My administrator wasn't happy but I wasn't going to put myself at risk again when my own kids were home.

We actually haven't had a ton of snow so far. Not as much as usual, which probably means March will be a bear.

In reality, I know that snow days often equal a big pain in the behind. We get backed up on things and it can be a nightmare (but our standardized testing is done in October so we don't have that stuff looming over us once the snow flies). Today, after hearing for the millionth time how some friends of mine in other parts of the U.S. have snow days (again), I just couldn't take it. And I put in a personal day request. I have only been out of my building one school day so far this year and that was when my grandmother passed away on November 1. Otherwise, I've been in the building every day.

I decided it was high time to take a day to myself. We don't have school for MLK and next Friday is a half day for the kidlets so we can finish report cards (as if anyway waits until Friday afternoon to do them.....). I decided to make my already short week even shorter and asked for Wednesday off. I'm sure Mrs. Principal will okay it since I haven't asked for any time off all year.

And I am already daydreaming about how to spend that day. I'll take most of MLK to do my report cards so that by Wednesday, I'll be free and clear to do whatever I please. I think I foresee a day of lounging in pjs in my future.


  1. We have a snow day tomorrow- which I'm excited about because I have a ton of stuff I need to get done, but at the same time I'm not going to be happy making it up in the summer. I agree with you though, it's usually the teachers who have to drive the farthest so we are the ones in danger.

    I'll try to send some snow vibes your way!

  2. We never have snow days. One year, we did get a day off for a "fire day". There was too much smoke in the air and they cancelled school. Other than that, nothing! We just work with the weather. No rain days!

  3. I just noticed the books on your bookshelf! We are reading The Hunger Games for my book club this term. I actually read it over break and I LOVED it! Can't wait to read the rest in the series but I want to wait until we finish discussing the first.

    We are having some bad weather and might get a delay tomorrow...I am actually hoping that we don't. I have a training at 10, so I have a sub and I am actually really needing to go in and assess my students before the training starts bc I NEVER have time to!

  4. Good for you for taking a personal day!!! I too am jealous of all the snow days! It's just dusting where I live--we had a few inches earlier, but in no way is a snow day even in the realm of imagination. A pajama day sounds WONDERFUL!! Enjoy. :)

  5. We NEVER have snow days....and I was also thinking of requesting a day off...hmmm a pj day at home sounds awesome!

  6. @Teacher Stuff -- I probably wouldn't long for them so much if we actually got them more. It's hard not to want one when pretty much every district you pass has one and you're driving through it to get to your job.

    @Sneaker -- I have LOVED The Hunger Games trilogy. I'm about halfway through the last one. It's my new favorite series for sure! I just picked up the one by chance and then had to have the others. They're really good!

    @Miss Teacher -- oh girl, I can't WAIT for my personal day! I told one of my colleagues that if for some reason my principal doesn't okay it, I'll call in that day. This time last year I'd been out of my room at least 15 times for meetings and whatnot....and this year I haven't had to be gone so much so I'm really looking forward to a day to myself at home while the kids are at school and my hubby is at work!