Thursday, January 6, 2011

Well, this is a first....

Today they cancelled the after school program in our building and ordered the staff out by 3:30 (we dismiss at 3:10). The reason?

The toilets and sinks on the ground floor were spewing up raw sewage. Gross.

It's been snowing on and off really hard all day and someone suggested a snow of my colleagues said maybe we'll get a S--t Day instead because of the sewage issue. That was funny but the situation isn't. Those poor K/1 teachers. Ew!


  1. Eeewwww! I can just imagine! Our toilet/sewer system isn't the greatest and at least 3 times a week we get the lovely smell, but nothing as bad as your site. I hope they get it fixed and smelling like roses soon!

  2. EEWW!! That is definitely yucky. But I would totally milk it for a "snow" day ;)

  3. Thankfully they had a crew work into the wee hours and if you hadn't seen/smelled it, you'd have never known it happened.

  4. Wow, that is seriously disgusting!!!! I hope all is back to normal!