Saturday, January 15, 2011


Sometimes I just really don't understand some parents. I really don't. I have a young lady this year who is very bright but her mother is the kind of parent I just can't understand. What boggles me is that her mother acts like the most ghetto person ever (regardless of the color of her skin). I understand that she wants what is best for her child and strives to make sure her child is safe and protected in school. I totally get that because I'm the same way.

But since the beginning of the year, she complains about the stupidest things. This year we went with silent hallway expectations and on one of the first days, we had to go back down the stairs and walk back up because my class was so incredibly loud. This mom threw a fit saying it wasn't fair that her child had to do it because of a "few" (of course indicating that her daughter would never be talking when she shouldn't be). Once when Mrs. Cooperating Teacher was doing standardized testing review with my class, they were horrible. Just rude, disrespectful and not cooperating. So she took their recess and I backed her up. Mom threw a fit saying it wasn't fair to make everyone suffer because a few kids were being rude (again indicating that her child would never do anything wrong).

I've had parents like this before and mostly can get them to see reason to a point where I'm not getting notes and cranky phone calls all the time. This mom is something else though. Her daughter ordered an MP3 player from the Scholastic Book Club and her mom constantly gripes that it doesn't work. It works fine for me -- I can charge it and use it anytime she brings it in. I have to honestly wonder if it isn't user error because it makes zero sense that it would work for me but they're having so much trouble with it. So mom sends in a nasty note saying she wanted to return it and get her money back because it was a big headache. What made the note nasty was what she wrote on the bottom "just because it works for you doesn't mean it works for us".

Well, your attitude isn't going to get you much help sweetpea.

So fast forward to yesterday morning. Mrs. Principal left me a voicemail asking if I knew anything about a lunch incident with this young lady because mom had called and was so furious in he rmessage that Mrs. Principal could barely understand what she was saying. The kiddos were inside the gym in the morning so I stopped to chat with her about it a moment and said I hadn't heard anything but I would ask the child about it. When I did ask the young lady, she was very vague and couldn't really give me a big reason why her mom would call and be so mad. So I sent Mrs. Principal an email letting her know what I had found out and to let me know if I could be of other help.

Later I found out that mom called the district hotline to complain because the secretary came out of the office and yelled at the kids to "shut up". First of all, the child didn't mention that to me at all and second of all, I find it hard to believe. Mrs. Secretary is busy in that office, she doesn't have time to come out and yell at anyone first of all and second of all, Mrs. Principal is right within that vicinity -- she would have heard it. So we're both scratching our heads trying to figure out what the heck is going on. I'm kind of pissed because I feel like Mrs. Principal is being targeted for whatever reason by our district "powers that be" and this is just one more thing for them to get on her about -- when it probably didn't even happen.

There are things Mrs. Principal has done that I don't agree with but I also understand that's her job. She can't please everyone all the time. But when push comes to shove, she's always had my back and she supports our needs. That is definitely more than I can say for former principals I've had. It bothers me that she is catching the blame for what the child said was a minor incident and the mother is blowing up into some huge issue.

I just don't get it. What has become of our society that instead of sitting down like a rational person, getting all sides of the story and trying to figure out what really happened (and if the child is lying which clearly she is lying to someone here)....we just fly off the handle and go above everyone else and complain? And why is it that the district doesn't contact these parents and first and foremost say "have you addressed this with the school? No, well you need to and then we'll intervene if needed".

I'm literally just scratching my head over this because it makes no sense. I told Mrs. Principal I would ask this young lady again exactly what she said to her mom because obviously mom is really pissed and it's about way more than what the child told myself and Mrs. Principal had happened. I'm not sure anything will come of it other than mom getting furious with me but I refuse to stand by and let innocent people be taken to the carpet for something so minor that it barely warrants attention at all.

Do parents today not understand that when they step in to solve every single miniscule problem for their child that they are also creating a completely dependent person who is going to be unable to function in a regular society?!

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  1. ugh that is so irritating. i have a parent like that this year--she was complaining to the principal about me on back to school night BEFORE she even met me! obviously she knew who i was and decided i was far too young...she's one of those who flips if the entire class is given a consequence. sometimes you just have to take away recess though, or practice walking in the halls! that's just part of a classroom community.

    how frustrating that must be for your principal. i'm glad you don't seem to be stuck in the middle though!