Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today, I feel sad :(

I must be having a moment because really, I'd like nothing more than to put my head down and cry at the moment (thank you Depression -- appreciate it).

Today was shit from the word go. We meet as a grade level on Thursday mornings. Toward the end of our meeting today I got a page from the principal. So I call her office and she informs me that Psycho Momma is coming up to school Hot-to-Trot because her daughter yet again went home telling Momma stories that she never bothered to tell anyone else at school about (namely me). So Momma is ticked at me for something I didn't even know about. Thank goodness Mrs. Principal knows me better than that crap and she was totally on  my side...but we also agreed that we are sick and tired of this child going home and telling her mom crap that either usually isn't true or is blown out of proportion (because it's AMAZING how the story changes when I'm there because I don't buy into her BS like her mom does and she knows it).

Then I had to confront another kid who has been cussing at girls and saying really inappropriate things. So that's how my day started out. It just set the tone. The kids were good and everything and we had a pretty decent day but I was cranky and on edge from starting the day that way. Things went okay until about 3 o'clock.

Miss New Teacher doesn't yet have a set of social studies texts. We only had one classroom set anyway so Mrs. Cooperating Teacher and I split them and have our kids partner read with them. I offered to let Miss New Teacher's kids use ours in the afternoon since I am teaching SS in the morning. Her kids came to bring them back to our room this afternoon and my kids were organizing them so I could put them away. They came to me in a mad rush, really upset because there was writing on two of the books and they discovered some ripped pages. I was LIVID because a) these books are MY responsibility and I KNOW my kids didn't do it (because I check the books daily as I put them up on the shelf) and b) we let them borrow them so they didn't get more behind in curriculum and that's how they repaid us. I was SUPER pissed. She felt bad but it wasn't her fault -- these are 5th graders and they know better!

To end this fabulous day, I had to walk a kid out to his mom's vehicle and inform her of the  negative things her child is choosing to do in school. She wasn't happy and I don't blame her. I hate getting kids in trouble but it was necessary. It made me feel like a big ball of poo poo though.

And if all that wasn't enough to make a day horrible, The Husband and I did our taxes tonight and we have to pay both Federal and State this year because of my leave of absence and disability pay (they don't take federal or state taxes out). The Husband informed me that it was FINE because he put away money in case we had to pay but it was just the last straw. I feel really sad and bad and I don't like it at all.

The only upside is, it has been at least 2 1/2 months, maybe even 3, since the last time I had a depressive episode that left me feeling so bad.


  1. Hey, keep your chin up. :) I totally hear you on the crap that we deal with- I totally forget that I'm a teacher sometimes because we deal with so much insanity that is NONeducation related. If it makes you feel any better, I had my own Psycho Mother decide to de-enroll her son from school bc she wants to homeschool (VERY unstable woman)...had to carry a kid to the principal's today- lovely incidents like this. From one teacher to another, hang in there. Tomorrow's Friday-thank God. :)

  2. Hang in there!! It can only get better from here (right?!). I had a really hard day on Tuesday - I cried all the way home (surprised I didn't crash the car...). Some days just SUCK! And I hope it turns around really fast for you this time!

  3. What a yucky day.

    A friend of mine who is currently teaching told me that today her school had a fire drill, during which one student was throwing a major temper tantrum and she ended up carrying the student, kicking and screaming, down three flights of stairs. Kids.

    My suggestion- don't do as I do during my little depressive bouts... I usually walk to the store at ridiculous hours, purchase far too much pre-made cookie dough, go home and watch "Sweet Home Alabama" while eating all the cookie dough and crying because my hair will never be as good as Reese Witherspoon's. Don't do that. =)

    Tomorrow's another day- hope its a great one!

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