Monday, January 17, 2011

To Do Lists

I don't know many teachers who aren't fans of To Do Lists. There are some, but they are few and far between.

I ♥ To Do Lists. I swear they are what got me through college and grad school! I had the joy of having today off (thank you super multi-cultural school district!) while my kids had school. Was I sad about that? Nope! I made myself a big ole To Do list and set about tackling it. Strike throughs indicate what I've finished up.

  • Input Report Cards
  • Grade the last ITTs
  • Grade Writing Prompts
  • Input all grades into Engrade
  • Finish Math Folders
  • Web updates (spec. curriculum)
  • Tracking Anxiety sheet for Middle Child
  • Neuropsych forms filled out
  • Make intervention lessons for Betty
  • Number the Stars Literature Unit (optional)

The math folders, psych forms and interventions will be finished up before 8 p.m. tonight without much issue. I'm pretty pleased with myself actually. It was a bit of a bumpy start but I was able to get everything that had to be done finished already so that is really awesome. Middle Child had an appointment with her counselor at 2:30 today so I had to pick her up early from school and knew I'd be waiting for a bit in the waiting room. So I brought my trusty Cascading File Tote with me and finished grading prompts while I was there. It was perfect and her counselor kind of chuckled and said I was definitely a teacher *wink*

This means I can go in tomorrow able to get things around for the rest of the week, and spend some time making copies and such for interventions, fluency practice and math homework. It's NICE to feel caught up (although I'm sure by this time tomorrow night I won't feel caught up anymore!). I was mentioning to a fellow teacher friend of mine how I need more days like this in my schedule -- a day to just sit at home alone and work at my pace. I got a lot more done than I would have if I was at school today.


  1. That is fantastic! I love To Do Lists, but I often spend too much time to-do-listing and not even time doing! Over the weekend, I caved and did some extensive planning, and it made the day flow so much more smoothly. Just little things like templating an anchor chart makes the moment in class quicker and better. The problem, like you said, is that once the list is done, there's another one three times as large looming in the background! Good luck! :)

  2. Hey! New Follower. I'm a graduate in Elem Ed as of right before Christmas. Can't wait til I have my own classroom one day! :) Would love the follow back at

  3. :D I just finished my To Do List for the week! I am sure that as soon as I cross off one item that I will end up adding 3 more. That is usually my experience :D

  4. I'm totally a list-er too! I don't know how I'd survive without them.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Ahh yes...I'm with you Plants! You cross a couple of things off and then realize you have 12 more things to add. I LOVE to do lists!