Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some Parents...Seriously

Apparently, as I was massively enjoying my Personal Day on Wednesday, some things were going down at work with two of my boys. Both of these boys are resource and both have...issues. One is very sweet and does well, but is LD and struggles to read/write (and that makes it hard for him because he knows he's low and he hates turning in work). The other is just....well, he has issues.

I guess sometime on Tuesday, Mr. Massive Issues' mom posted on Facebook that she was leaving her husband and her two sons to go live with her 23 year old boyfriend. This mom is way weird. She creeps me out big time. She coddles that boy SO much (to the extent that she does his homework) and she sits with him in the breakfast room. He's 11! So when I heard about this Thursday after returning to work, I first wondered how she would just cut and run when she babies this boy the way she does (I mean, really sometimes I want to check to see if the cord has been cut -- that's how much she babies this child). On top of that, she had the nerve to leave me a message at school asking me to let Mr. Massive Issues know that even though she isn't with his dad anymore, she loves him (the child) and will see him soon, blah blah. I deleted that message and didn't tell him she had called. Sorry but this child is already struggling sooo much with her just up and leaving that I can only imagine it would have caused a huge meltdown if he realized she had called and he didn't get to talk to her. I was really pissed that she was trying to bring me into the midst of their drama. Um, no. On top of that, she left these boys with their alcoholic father who can barely fend for himself, let alone take care of them. Lord have Mercy, this is one that Mrs. Resource and I are working hard to get someone else involved with because it is just a hot mess. There is no other way to describe it.

My other boy, Mr. Quiet and Shy, is new to our school this year. He is LD and very sweet. I like him a lot. Recently, however, he has been missing school like crazy. (15 days in the last two months!) Turns out, his parents' divorce was just final and he's been struggling with that for a long time. He has depression which breaks my heart because I know how hard it has been for me to deal with and I'm in my 30s! He's just a kid. At any rate, Mrs. Resource had his IEP on Wednesday afternoon. She had forgotten that I had taken that day off but said she was going to hold it anyway because we're pretty much on the same page with where we think our young friend is. He is GREAT with math (although he struggles with some of the directions because he can't read well) and has done very well until the last couple of months when he's really flatlined and the absences are sky-rocketing.

Turns out that dad is now living with someone else and moved this woman and her children into the neighboorhood so they all go to our school also. Mr. Quiet and Shy is NOT taking this well because  his dad more or less ignores him and when he does give him attention, he dismisses the struggles the child has. Basically he says that depression doesn't exist, there is no way the child is depressed or has learning issues and it's the mom's fault for not being a better parent.

Um, what? So this child is hurting. Big time. And I feel bad for him and his mom who is clearly trying to do the best she can by this boy. Yesterday, Mrs. Resource told me that mom came up again and they all had a chat with Mrs. Principal about what's been going on and Mrs. Principal said she hated to say this because we love Mr. Quiet and Shy (and she wasn't lying -- everyone does love him), but she wondered if moving him to another school where he didn't have to see his dad's girlfriends kids there would be better. I would be so sad if this kiddo moved to another school BUT I also want to see him succeed. He has it in his brain -- he does. He's SO smart, he just can't decode words and get them to come out right in his mind. He reminds me so much of Middle Child because she is the same way -- math is her strong point and she can memorize science/social studies information like there is no tomorrow but words are hard for her.

I think Mr. Quiet & Shy's mom should be given a medal. Clearly the woman has been through a lot and is trying to provide her son (and older children) with a better life. I think Mr. Massive Issues' mom should be kicked in the behind and have her parental rights completely revoked because she clearly doesn't understand the damage she is doing.

Why are parents today so....???


  1. I really wish people would think more before they had children... seriously!

  2. Ugh. It's so sad to see what parents put these poor kids through- we work so hard to help them in school, but sometimes parents make progress nearly impossible! Keep doing what you do- impacting these little lives in a positive way, and showing them how much you care!

  3. Last night, the hubby and I watched the first 2 episodes of Shameless on Showtime. If you don't cringe every time someone drops the f-bomb, it's a good show into the lives of children living with an alcoholic parent. The show is made for Showtime and not a reality show, but it's quite interesting. It's about a single parent "raising" his 6 children, but he an alchie and the oldest daughter is taking care of everyone. The other kids pitch in to help live life and survive. My hubby asked me if I think there are parents like that and I said yep. It's so sad that young children are subjected to such hateful parents. Sometimes I wish there was a test or license to have children. But I'm sure we'd all be out of jobs and childless! I hope your boys get some good in their lives with all the crap that's going on.