Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Sign of what's to come?

Earlier today a friend of mine told me that how you ring in 2011 is a sign of the year ahead. If that is the case, I will be doing a lot of giggling in 2011!

I have spent some time this evening on YouTube. I am a huge fan of 80s music which of course they now consider to be "retro" (that makes me sound SO much older than I am) and 90s country. Oooh, I was definitely a country girl in the 90s during my oft misspent youth. Gals like Taylor Swift were in diapers then and country music was MUSIC (not all depressed "my dog was run over" crap either).

Anyway while I'm whiling away my life wasting time enjoying these videos, The Husband comes downstairs and tells The Oldest she just has to come upstairs and see something. Apparently Lake Superior State University puts out a "banned word" list every year and they are raring to go for 2011. I didn't go watch the clip but I looked it up online and got quite a few giggles out of it (seriously, is there anything as deranged as a 32 year old schoolmarm -- as my dad so dearly refers to me -- giggling about words and how they are used??). So clearly if this is a sign of the year to come....I'm in good shape!

Here's some snippets from the site:
Banished Word: EPIC

More than one nominator says the use of 'epic' has become an epic annoyance.

"Standards for using 'epic' are so low, even 'awesome' is embarrassed".

Banished Word: FAIL

"what originally may have been a term for a stockbroker's default is now abused by today's youth as virtually any kind of 'failure.' Whether it is someone tripping, a car accident, a costumed character scaring the living daylights out a kid, or just a poor choice in fashion, these people drive me crazy thinking that anything that is a mistake is a 'fail.' They fail proper language!"
Banished Word: FACEBOOK / GOOGLE as verbs

"Facebook is a great, addicting website. Google is a great search engine. However, their use as verbs causes some deep problems. As bad as they are, the trend can only get worse, i.e. 'I'm going to Twitter a few people, then Yahoo the movie listings and maybe Amazon a book or two."


  1. Haha! I hope I can still say "Fail"! I use that one a lot ;). I rang in the new year totally asleep as I had an early flight the next morning. I hope I can party more next year... or at least stay up till midnight ;)

  2. I use it a lot too...mostly because of The Teenager. I repeat what she says a lot in my quest to annoy her immensely hehe