Saturday, January 29, 2011

Retail Therapy

Like most ladies, I love to shop. Specifically I really like to shop online, in my pajamas!

Since I'm still sort of in a funk, I did a bit of online retail therapy today.

Really Good Stuff always has weekend We-Treats where you get 20% off certain products. This weekend they have pocket chart items on sale. So I ordered one of these:

We're required to list our daily objectives and I have a write-on/wipe off chart from RGS but it gets really icky quickly and this will be easier because I can just laminate a few blank sentence strips and use those over and over with less of a icky build-up on them.

And since we've got a Poetry Unit coming up, I bought one of these because I think it is adorable and will be a fun way to display our finished work.

Plus I made a final payment on my Old Navy card and bought myself some adorable kitty checks since I have like 4 checks left. I got them at VistaPrint because you can get stuff so cheap there (although the shipping is outrageous). I only ordered 25 because I write so few checks -- I've had this account for 5 1/2 years and I am still on the original set. But they are cute and I had some cash to blow so I did.

Amazing how spending money makes you feel better.


  1. Great idea for posting the objective of the day. I hate taking up all my board space with the objective and having to write it up there every day. I am totally going to do this with a pocket chart! Thanks!

  2. I actually did them on a pocket chart years ago when I taught 2nd grade because I didn't have anywhere else to put them. It was nice because they're easy to move around (plus with some subject areas, you can simply list the standards that you use over and over and over).