Saturday, January 8, 2011


This was probably the weirdest week so far this year. The students had clearly been off a schedule because they were like limp little noodles Monday and Tuesday. By Wednesday, however, they had definitely woken back up! Wednesday was a weird day. We had a lock down drill (right at lunch no less -- could they plan them at any worse time?) and another incident so things were just weird. Then on Thursday we had the sewage issue which thankfully they got taken care of so there wasn't even a hint of any issue by Friday morning.

All in all, however, the slow-start and then the weird middle made this week feel like it was about 10 days long instead of only 5. On Thursday mornings, the 5th grade team meets to plan and make sure we're on the same page and whatnot so we get there early and then end up wasting time as everyone gets together and blah blah. Finally we agreed to say we're meeting at 7 but start at 7:30 because then we have time to make sure our rooms are ready and everything before we begin our planning.

Mrs. Cooperating Teacher and I have been switching for science and social studies and I have liked that. It is one less subject I have to teach each week and I thought it was going well. However, she claimed that she wasn't able to teach social studies to both her class AND mine each week. I'm not sure why. We have the same amount of time in our classrooms (minute-wise) and I was fitting it all in. In the end we agreed that last week would be it and I'd start teaching social studies to my own class and she'll teach science to hers. I know for a fact that she WON'T teach science to her kids but in the end...I feel like all I can do is worry about what is good for my own students since I am accountable for their learning.

I found myself kind of irritated about the whole thing, actually. She told me at the beginning of the year that every time she has tried to do team teaching, it never works out because of the other teacher. Yet this year, I am more than willing to continue to switch but she doesn't want to. It wouldn't really work to switch with Miss New Teacher because  of the class sizes (she wouldn't have enough seats in her room for my kids and I refuse to travel with the science kits because there are SO many materials). It will work out because I was able to rearrange my entire daily schedule to accommodate this change and it is going to be just fine. I just hate how she makes it sound like it is everyone else, when what I am finding is most of the time it is actually her.

In all, I am so glad it is the weekend again. I needed a bit of time to regroup myself and get ready for my new schedule. I usually end up changing something in my schedule around mid-year because it's the perfect time to do so and the kids usually flow well with the change this time of year also. In some ways it will be VERY nice to only teach my own kids all day again. As I said, ultimately they are who I am accountable for and they are who I owe 100% to on a daily basis, not anyone else's kids. It just makes me sad because I would love, in a real team-teaching situation, to teach certain things to both (or all 3) groups and only have to worry about that subject. Easier planning and you get to know all of the kiddos.

I know Mrs. Cooperating Teacher will probably retire in a year or two and with some younger teachers in there, perhaps a real team-teaching situation can happen. I love her to death and she is great but there are definitely things I am noticing now that I'm not a total newbie that I don't want to be part of.


  1. My teaching partner and I used to switch for science and social studies and I was never a fan. I felt that because our behavior management styles, classroom rules and our expectations varied it was always a challenge to have her group in my room. So we stopped.

    But, we are now more on the same page in terms of the above and are going to try swapping again starting tomorrow. This time she'll do science (something she is awesome at) and I'll do writing (something I love). The big difference this time is that we are swapping 1/2 our kids at a time so each group consists of half of her class and half of mine. I think that will help a lot.

    Hope you are enjoying the weekend! :) J

  2. See that's just the thing -- our management styles are almost identical. I tend to be a bit harsher than she does but I believe that is because of my time in the REAL inner city (our school is still inner city but doesn't have the massive behavior issues my old school had).

    I just think that she is unfamiliar with the FOSS kits -- you can't finish a unit in a couple of weeks if you're only teaching it twice a week. It takes FOREVER. So she was wanting me to push along and push along which is impossible to do with those kits. That's how I also knew she won't teach science -- she readily admitted she has never taught from the science kits.

    But I'm okay with it. I will do what I know I need to do for my own students and that's all I can really worry about.