Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love you

Sometimes we just need to say to ourselves, "I love you".

And today, love myself I did. The Husband, understanding why I took this day for myself when I knew no one else was going to be around, said he would get the kiddos around by himself this morning. You have no idea how rare that is. He takes them to school every day but I get up with them, get their breakfast, have them get dressed, etc. So when he offered to let me sleep in, I totally jumped on it.

It was wonderful! I was awake of course because getting an 8 and 9 year old around in the morning is not a quiet task by any means but I was able to stay in bed and go back to sleep. I slept in later than I thought I would but I had ZERO guilt about it. It was great!

Spent some time online after I got up, just messing around doing nothing really. Then I decided I needed to get on with my day. It was late enough by then that I could skip a "breakfast" and just go right to lunch. I took myself to Wendy's. I never go there because it's far away and kind of expensive but it was worth treating myself. Totally unhealthy but it was yummy! Caffeine FTW!

Then I took myself off to Target and bought some new sheets and a comforter for my room. Doesn't sound like much but our dog has taken to getting on our bed if we don't shut the door and he chews on the sheets sometimes (yes, he is annoying). Thus it was time to buy some nice, new sheets for the bed. It took me awhile to find some that I liked because I am not a fan of bright white sheets. I finally settled on a set that I liked and then for good measure bought another backup set of nice sheets.

After that it was a stop at the nail salon. Amazingly, I was the only person there when I walked in. That never happens. The gal was really great and I love my nails. I often do them myself from a box but I like these because they don't feel fake. And she kept telling me how baby-soft my hands were so that was kind of fun.

I got done at the nail salon early enough that I had some time to stop in the bookstore. I spent an hour leisurely perusing the bookstore because I could. It was pretty nice to not have someone with me asking me every 2 minutes if I was almost done. I almost didn't buy anything because most of my books these days are on my Kindle but I found a 50% off mini-calendar for my desk at school and a new Lisa Gardner book that was 25% off too.

To complete my afternoon of pampering, I stopped and visited with my friends Ben & Jerry who will be making a nice visit to my house this evening after dinner.

This day honestly could not have been any better!

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  1. That sounds fantastic! Today, I took a personal day, and it's 1:30pm and I am still in my PJ's. There are a ton of things to do, but I think I just won't - as my principal says, a task grows or shrinks to the time frame we give it, so I am giving the tasks I COULD be doing a shorter time frame. Today is about RELAXING! I'm glad you enjoyed yours!!! :)