Saturday, September 11, 2010

Read Around the World

My third grader came home from school yesterday with her Friday Folder from this first week of school. She has a very loud, boisterous voice and fairly shouts everything she says. We were packing up her and Little Sister's things at the child care center they go to after school and she was shouting about having to read all these books about different countries and such. As I was trying to stem off a headache from her super boisterous voice, I said we'd look at the paper together at home and figure it out.

The packet is a "Read Around the World" project that the 3rd grade team at her school came up with. Basically it is just a reading log and they get "miles" for every minute they read (1 minute = 20 miles). So they included a chart in the explanation packet to detail what countries they would travel to by reading. I think this is a brilliant idea and I might just steal it!

I have a big map that a friend of mine gave to me over the summer and I might get it laminated and hang it on the back wall where I have some spare room. Then my students could have little reuseable symbols to mark where they are in their travels as they read and complete their required reading each day. I am going to ask my teaching partner if she wants to do this as well because I think it is absolutely brilliant. Such a simple idea yet provides some incentive and a little bit of geography exposure too. And I'm sure that my class will love "traveling" to Mexico and some of the other countries that they are from.