Monday, September 20, 2010


Today I left work not a happy lady. We had another fire drill today (we're behind so Mrs. Principal is trying to cram them in while the weather is nice). The day went okay with all of that and everything. My kiddos remembered to grab our red emergency bag and did okay. However, one of my students, who is one of the biggest challenges that I have, was horsing around and one of the girls accidentally elbowed his lip. It was bleeding badly enough that he was spitting blood out.

So one of the parapros came over to see what had happened and escorted this child inside even though it was during a drill. I did not tell him to take the child inside. I couldn't leave the rest of my class alone but since we do have a full-time health aide, there should, in theory, be a first aid kit brought outside. I figured this para would take the kid over to her. Nope. He took him inside.

Then Mrs. Principal, in the most passive-aggressive way possible, sends me the following email at 2:45 p.m today. Did she address this with me in person? Nope. And best of all, she CC'd it to the head of Security in the district:

During the fire drill you asked Mr. A to bring a child into the building. Although I understand he was hurt, that is the purpose of the red emergency backpacks. There was no one in the building as we were evacuated. It is against state law to not follow evacuation procedures and sending a child back into the building is against state law. In the event of fire, he couldn't come back. My recommendation is that you put Kleenex or band-aid in the emergency bag.

I responded politely and whatever, but you better bet your hiney that I will be saving this email, I will be documenting my version of what happened and if she ever says anything to me more about this, I will go directly to my union. First and foremost, she didn't ask me my version of what happened, she didn't verify that I had, in fact, sent them into the building (because I did not) and she didn't even have the courtesy of addressing this with me in person before sending this email off to the head of Security. SO not laying down and taking anyone's bullshit in that district ever again. As much as I have sacrificed and provided for these children, no one is ever going to make me feel bad about something I didn't even do.

When I was leaving today, I told Mrs. Cooperating Teacher about it and she was really upset too. Partially because she agrees that it's complete and utter bullcrap that Mrs. Principal would make such a big deal (Mrs. CT even said "what the heck, were you supposed to let him bleed all over?! Because then you'd be in trouble for that too!") and not even be professional enough to address it with me personally. I think that honestly, that is what burns me up the most, that she wouldn't even be professional enough to address it with me personally. I guess she has put little bugs in Mrs. CT's ear about stuff (small stupid stuff) but hasn't ever said anything to me. It isn't Mrs. CT's job to "watch me" and I know she resents that she feels like that's what she's being asked to do.

It just really pissed me off. If you need to correct me about something, fine. Do so. I'm happy to make changes as needed. But don't go behind my back, don't wimp out and address it through a freaking email only if it's such a big deal and sure as shit get your facts straight before you just assume you know the whole story.

Oh yes, and let us not forget that if there is a mix-up after school, or a miscommunication (or the OFFICE loses a paper!), they WON'T let a child call home for a ride. Our after school program started today. One of my students told me that his mom turned the paper in for the program the day he enrolled (they just moved into our area and she filled it out that day and turned it in). The office has his uncle, who's 3 years younger *wink*, on the list, but not this kiddo. So I asked the secretary if we could use the second office phone to call my student's mom and see if she could come pick him up. Secretary says "nope, he just has to walk home".

Um, no. Sorry but I am NOT sending a child home to a possibly empty house in that area. No way, no how. The first day I was at New School, I thought our secretary was nice. My has her tune changed since the children have arrived. I have never known someone who is so rude to children to be working around children. I couldn't believe that. So I asked the kiddo to sit in the office a minute and wait for me. I went up to my classroom and got my cell phone and let him call his mom for a ride. NO ONE is EVER going to accuse Mrs. Sunny of sending a kid home alone after school to an empty house and he gets abducted or something worse.

I just couldn't believe that. If we're all about safety, how can we just be telling these kids to walk home without ensuring a parent is there? I was so ticked about that too.


  1. People can just be ridiculous. I sypmathize with you. Our Instructional Coach told us we couldn't use the Science Lab (which is for teachers and students, right?) for a lesson this week because they were using it for a meeting when she has an office and a conference room available. I swear sometimes I don't think they want us to be teaching effectively with minimal loss of instructional time (which is why we need the lab in the first place, mind you.) Sheesh!

  2. That is ridiculous. What nerve sending that email

  3. @Ginger -- sounds like something brilliant our district would pull. Sometimes I wonder how any of these people made it to administration (haha, probably because they couldn't hack it as teachers! :p)

    @Mandy -- yep! I told my union steward at school about it too and he was ticked. He said in the 4 years they've had those backpacks, not ONCE has it ever been mentioned to the staff to put first aid material inside...yet after the fact, we should have "known better". Morons.