Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I already broke my creed

I brought work home today.

Not because I had to. I'm sure that I could have left all of it at school and still gotten things done by the end of the week. However, as I stood there at 3:30 today, I knew that I would much rather be at HOME, in pajamas, taking my sweet arse time looking through these papers, finalizing my plans for next week and being able to take breaks, not rush and just overall do a better job with it.

I also know that by getting the work done that I did yesterday and taking the bull by the horns to get this final data and everything done today, I'll be in a MUCH better place to start next week. It's worth giving up one night at home. It is.

My kiddos have been a really chatty bunch the last few days. I was starting to wonder what happened to my awesome class. Last night The Husband and I went to Lowe's and Home Depot because we're remodeling our upstairs bathroom to add a bathtub and replace all of the fixtures and everything. He wanted to show me this set he found to see if I liked it. As we were going, I looked up to the sky and burst out "holy crap, it's a full moon -- that's what's wrong with my class this week!" I never believed in that full moon stuff until I started teaching. Today I told my class that I am thinking maybe their hair was too tight or something so they've been kind of antsy!

Mrs. Cooperating Teacher and I talked a bit this afternoon and we're contemplating seeing about adding a short 10 minute recess two afternoons a least while it is still nice outside. It is SO hard for the kids to be inside all afternoon, even though ultimately it is only for 2 hours, because it's been gorgeous most of the time. Hopefully we can meet with our floor to decide if that is something we can do. I sure don't want to do that when it is cold outside, but for now, having it for 2 extra afternoons would be a nice incentive for the students who are making good choices.

I changed my seating to accommodate the students from the 4/5 split class for math but my table groups are SO long. Mrs. CT changed hers as well where she has kiddos sitting so their backs are to her. I would NOT like that...but I realized that it would probably work okay in my class because I can seat the extra kids from the split at those seats since we are starting our math workshop with our next unit.

I'm going to play with that as well and make some changes because this seating isn't working and I'd rather play with it more at the beginning of the year to make it work better than wait until it's too late to reign the behavior back in!


  1. I seem to bring work home every night. I don't do it every night, but it's there! Tonight is progress reports during soccer practice. I can only watch that for so long before I zone out! And, I do my lesson plans on the weekend so they are fresh in my mind. My hubby is OK with it, but I never gave hime a choice! And the full moon explains it all. As does the weather. We've been warm til today when it was 72 and by Friday it will be back to 100+. We dont' get fall!

  2. So the behavior honeymoon period has ended? I can definitely say that the full moon DEFINITELY had something to do with it ;)

  3. @Teacher Stuff -- My first year teaching, I always brought work home...and rarely touched it. Now I just try not to even bring it because I know I probably won't touch it! :) We're required to have "skeletal plans" for a week in advance and detailed plans for 1 day in advance. While I never wait until the day before to do my plans, I do a rough plan for the following week around Wednesday and then flesh it out and fill it in by Friday so I'm set. I constantly review and review them all week so I'm always good on what we're doing :)

    @Sarah -- Fortunately this "honeymoon period" has been relatively pleasant and even on their WORST day they are NOTHING like my last group so I can't complain too much ;)