Monday, September 6, 2010

Holy Back-to-School Batman!

As much as I  have anticipated getting back to work and having a routine, I find myself nervous the night before school begins. I know this is normal (it happens almost every year -- come to think of it, last year was the only year I wasn't nervous at the start and look how that turned out!!).

I know once I get into my classroom with my students and see their little faces that everything will fall into place. It will all be okay. I am very much banking on this being a totally new school and experience for me. Even though I student taught there, it was long enough ago that the kiddos who would've known me are gone to middle school now. So this is truly a fresh start. I don't have a reputation with the children yet and I can just do my thing with my class. I really love that aspect. I am hopeful I don't have to be the hardass I've had to be in the past (not mean, mind you, but pretty darn strict). I don't mind being strict but when you almost have to be mean with it to get the kids to listen, it's draining. I've appreciated it more the years when I've had to be firm but could still have fun with my kiddos. They got so much more out of the school experience and so did I.

This long weekend I had my hair cut and I am still in love with it 3 days later. I also did my nails today (I do them myself out of a box -- much, much cheaper and no one can ever tell unless they look *really* close) and I feel nice and girly. I also splurged on buying some new makeup. I'm not sure if this brand is available everywhere but it is called ELF (eyes, lips, face). At our store, all of the products are $1. Now, don't get me wrong here...I know that sometimes the expensive stuff is really worth it. But for the most part, I'm just as happy, if not happier, with the cheaper brands. I've used ELF products before with mixed reviews...but I dolled myself up today to test things out for back-to-school and aside from the powder which made my super pale face look fake baked (and which I promptly took right off!!), I really like what I bought. Since it all cost me less than $6, I was pretty happy with it. It's been kind of nice to treat myself a bit right before we go back to school.

Today has been really gloomy and rainy which stinks for the last real day of summer but I would much rather have rain on a weekend than on a school day, especially at the beginning of the year. There is nothing worse than having to try to get the kiddos to calm down for indoor recess those first few days when they're already overstimulated anyway.

Tomorrow it is rise and shine much earlier than I've gotten up all summer so I can get The Littles around and ready for their first day. Bags and things will all be packed before bed to make getting around the first morning less traumatic. The Oldest gets on the bus at the ungodly hour of 6:45 (and her school doesn't start until 8:05!!) and The Husband takes The Littles to their school at 7:20. I will be headed out by 7:15ish to get my first day rolling. I'm excited yet nervous, yet SO ready to meet my new class!

I sure hope I can sleep tonight! :)


  1. Good luck sleeping! I could not sleep the night before the first day of school! I wish you the best of luck this year. I can't wait to hear how the first day goes! :)

  2. Have a great first day of school! How exciting for you after a long time away from the classroom! It'll be so much fun and so much better for you! Hugs from sunny So Cal!

  3. I hope it went great! I buy ELF at Target (it's my guilty buy) and have been happy with it ;)