Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Long Weekend!

Yesterday was our last day for the week at school. We had a very brief meeting in the morning since it was the first day for the parapros and other staff so everyone could meet and then we were off to our classrooms to do whatever. Even though our class lists are all kinds of messed up right now, I couldn't NOT put out welcome stars outside my room and things. It would look so plain and unfriendly. Plus I figured it wasn't going to matter in the long run if I had to recycle a few Post-it stars because those kids didn't come after all. I also made name tags and put names on sticks for random calling in class but that was it. I feel really good about at least doing that so if all those children do show up, they will feel welcomed.

I did, however, make the executive decision to put the books and materials away until after the first day. I know I would have felt terrible as a student if I was the only one in the class without supplies. Since I do have 31 on my list,  on the off chance that 31 actually show, I did not want any of those kiddos to feel bad because everyone else had everything and they did not. Mrs. Cooperating Teacher told me she was sure we wouldn't end up with that many kiddos but who knows? Both 4th grade teachers have 32 on their lists and Mr. 4/5 split has 28, of which only 4 are 5th graders! So I decided I was not going to panic until I see that many children in person. Otherwise, it's stress for no reason, which is counterproductive. It isn't ideal anyway but there is no use crying over something you can't control.

Last week I won a Reader's Theatre set for my classroom, which was unexpected. I found out later the reading level was for about 1st grade and I was worried that they would be way too low for my students. But after doing some investigative work with my class list and the fabulous program we have at work that allows us to track in-district standardized tests, I have a good idea of the level most of my class was reading at in the spring. I have many children who are WELL below grade level. I got my Reader's Theatre set today and am happy to report that these books are going to be PERFECT for my lower ELLs. I am so excited about it. It's an October themed set so we'll be able to hopefully put them to good use during that month. Perhaps we can even "perform" for some of the younger classrooms. How fun would that be?!

Today The Husband and I did some errand running. The kids are spending the long weekend with my parents who are in from out of town and it was pretty nice to just spend some time alone with The Husband before the psychotic first couple of weeks back to school happens.

I got my hair cut into a cute, layered bob and I am in love with it. It is adorable! We also went to Bath & Body Works because I have Restless Legs and a few years ago bought this cream there that was the only thing, aside from going on medication, that seemed to help the RLS. They don't sell it in the same formula anymore (I had it in a mousse-type cream) but they did have it in lotion form. Score! We also did some random shopping around and treated ourselves to Steak & Shake for dinner. I was terrible and had a Choconana shake. De-lish.

I brought a very few things to work on for school over this long weekend since we aren't going anywhere and I knew the kids would be gone so it's quiet. After this, my plan is to avoid bringing work home at all costs if I possibly can.

Have a great long weekend everyone and those of you starting next week like me, I hope you have a fantastic first week of school!


  1. Enjoy your last weekend of relative freedom! I try not to bring work home either, unless it's an extreme emergency :).

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  3. I love reader's theater plays! It's a great way to get them motivated, working together and practicing fluency. Great prize!