Tuesday, September 7, 2010

First Day!

What a wonderful first day! I was SO beyond nervous both last night and this morning. Mrs. Resource popped in my room this morning and asked me if I was ready and I honestly had to say NOPE! I was just worried that something terrible would happen. All of my colleagues assured me that this was perfectly normal, which I knew it was.

Fortunately nothing horrible happened! I had 31 children on my roster as of this morning but had 25 children show up. It turned out to be 26 when we realized one of my students had accidentally gone to the 4/5 split class. Mrs. Cooperating Teacher has 26 as well but we know it will change because after I "stole" my 5th grader back from Mr. 4/5 Split, it left him with only 4 fifth graders which means that they will be split between the two remaining 5th grades. Still I planned for 30 and while 28 is not ideal, at least I'll have materials and room for everyone! One of my new enrollees didn't show up which is kind of weird to me.

I have a lot of boys this year (16/26!) and many of them look alike. So it'll take me a few days to be able to put names to faces. For the most part though, my class seems really sweet. I have a couple I think I need to keep an extra eye on and one of them has severe ADHD that his parents don't want to medicate for. I am the last person to just drug kids up, but when the child's grades and behavior are clearly suffering without that help...I think it is child abuse! I had a child like that last year too and I felt really bad for him. I think in this case, however, I can stomp a lot of the issues by having this child stay in a table group but removing his table partner to minimize distractions.

We went to silent hallways/stairwells and lunch this year and while they did awesome with silent lunch (probably because they were starving since our lunch is at 12:10!), they didn't do so well with the hallway part. I didn't make a super huge deal about it because it was the first day but we WILL keep practicing and I know it'll get better. They did better after having to repeat going up and down the stairs a couple of times. Probably the worst part was that Mrs. Principal was at the top of the stairs and heard us come in all loud...but I was already on top of making them go ALL the way back down (3 flights!) and do it again because it was so horrible. They were silent that second time and much better the rest of the day until the very end of the day when it was time to go home!!

We took the math MAP test this morning after recess and I was impressed with how well behaved my class was in the lab, especially since it was the first day of school. A few of my kiddos, despite being on my roster for over a week, weren't in the system so they have to do it later which kind of stinks. It seemed like many of them did better than their spring score though which is good. It just shows me what I already knew -- something was going on during that spring test because so many of them did so freaking poorly on it when they had done fine the first time.

The day flew by though. I'm sure it is because our schedule is almost perfectly split up:
8:20 - 10:15 Learning Block
10:15 - 10:35 Recess
10:35 - 12:10 Learning Block
12:10 - 12:50 Lunch/Recess
12:50 - 3:00 Learning Block
3:00 - 3:10 Packup/Dismissal

I couldn't honestly have picked a better schedule insofar as how it breaks up our day. It went by SO fast, i could hardly believe it. 

I didn't take anything home today even though there was plenty for me to take home to work on...I wanted to give myself a break the first day. I know I'll be bringing a few things home tomorrow but that's okay -- it's expected at the start of the year when things are just getting rolling.

Since we had a meeting after school and I was anxious to get home to see my own kids and hear how their first days went, I didn't do my normal "end of day" routine (ie. cleaning off my desk, changing the schedule on the board, etc) but that's okay. I plan to get to school a little earlier tomorrow so that I can get those things done and we should be set.

I am excited about going to school tomorrow and I can't tell you how awesome that feeling is since I pretty much hated going to work last year. :)


  1. Glad you had a great first day of school! Hope the whole year is wonderful!

  2. You guys MAP tested on the first day of school!? WOW, we didn't start until the third week of school, but that was last week. That would be ideal though.

  3. @Ginger -- Yep! They start us kind of early since our standardized tests are in October...that way we can maximize our prep for the test by really honing in on the areas where they are the weakest.

  4. I'm so happy to hear you had a wonderful 1st day...hope the rest of the year is just as great! :)