Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Day 2

Fortunately today went as relatively smoothly as yesterday. I got 3 more students (not from the split either), all boys so I'm up to 29 and us ladies are certainly outnumbered with only 11 of us including me! Thank goodness that most of my class is freaking awesome. Two days in a row we have gotten compliments on how fabulous the 4th/5th graders have done with silent lunch. It gives them time to eat and then they can go play and it has worked out well. The only thing I need to figure out is what to do about drinks after lunch recess because they are thirsty and hot and we only have a small fountain in our room. I may just have to break down and buy water bottles for those that don't have one and let them reuse them. It does get pretty warm in our classroom even with air conditioning (which kind of comes on when it feels like it on our floor).

I learned that a couple of my boys yesterday definitely need to be separated and I moved them today. One of my new ones appears to be a talker but I'm sure I can break that habit. I don't have any chair throwers, kids cussing me (or each other!) out all day and they are learning that I mean business. It is such a change from last year! I saw Leanne who worked with me last year at Former School as part of the writing initiative I was part of and she was so happy to see me looking happy! I couldn't even explain how amazing the difference is between these two buildings.

Today was the first day I really started some curriculum and it's amazing how much you can learn about a group of children if you just observe them. They seem to be kind of quiet and shy with the math. That will have to change. I assured them that I would be working them to the bone because next year, in 6th grade, they don't have just one teacher -- they will have 6 or 7, who aren't going to have time to coddle them. (One of the former teachers from New School is now teaching at the middle school that our kids will eventually go to has 46 kids in one class, 43 in another and 12 in his "small class"...I can't even imagine!)

I can't wait to get our MAP scores so I can start some of my groupings. Mrs. Cooperating Teacher told me today that she'd like to try to do my workshop model in math also and I think that would be great if we're both kind of on the same page with it. I knew Mrs. CT would be willing to try it too and I am excited about it.

I also gave my students a spelling screener this morning and no one complained or anything. We have to work on not commenting after every single thing I say (and it's only a few of them) but that is something I know I can nip in the behind pretty fast.

One parent wrote me a note complaining that the children were loud on the stairs and everyone had to go back and rewalk up all the "isn't fair" because her little darling has asthma and can't be "exerted". I showed Mrs. Principal the note so she'd be aware and she said "well, as nicely as you can tell that parent that too bad, it's a school-wide rule and you aren't just being mean". Love that she was totally on my side with that. I did call the parent back and had to leave a message but I'm not going to fret. I referred the asthma issue to our nurse so I don't have to deal with that because it isn't my job.

I brought home a ton of things to work on tonight which I hate doing but it is necessary as things get sorted out with our classes. I'm really ready for a NORMAL day without anything "extra" added in our day. Tomorrow we won't be MAP testing (except makeups) but we have a walkabout for the PBS program and an assembly. Gah! Friday will be the first normal schedule day we have. I'm looking forward to that!

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  1. Glad it's working out well!! :) Hope your year continues to run smoothly!