Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday evening, my BlackBerry's light flashed to let me know I had a message and it was a notification of a comment posted by a new follower. Usually when I discover a new follower (because all teachers love attention whether they will admit it or  not!) I check out their blog too in order to see if anything strikes my fancy.

Well lucky for me the new follower is from Littlest Learners. So I click on over there and....

Be still my heart. Organization. Creative Teaching Ideas. Pictures. *swoon*

I am in heaven people. Seriously.

In all of the years I have taught, everyone has raved over my organization. I can't.stand.clutter. My first year teaching one of my colleagues had a classroom I could NOT set foot in. She was a fantastic teacher but not organized. At all. It caused me to have mini-fits if I went into her room for anything. Piles of paper stacked on the floor, chairs, tables, you name it. It drove me insane. Mostly because I wanted very badly to offer to help her clean it up!

My undergraduate advisor was in the English department and before we could enter the teacher prep part of our program, we had to have our advisor fill out a form saying we weren't slackers and such. My advisor, while a great teacher, was a slob. I had near convulsions sitting in his room while he filled out that paper. When he was done with it and wanted to chat, I honestly told him I couldn't stay a moment longer. He asked me if I had a class soon and I responded "No, sir. I want to clean this office and I think you might be a bit offended if I started doing that." He laughed. (fortunately we had such a good relationship I knew I could say that to him without offending him!)

Last year one of my colleagues, who was a first year teacher, asked me to come help her rearrange her room because she wanted it to be more organized (and it was already pretty well organized). Alas, it did not take this new teacher long to discover I was known as the "Organization Queen" at our school. Two of my colleagues frequently referred to me as "The Overachiever" because there was NEVER clutter in my room. Ever.

So, in a nutshell, I am all about organization.You can bet on seeing numerous posts about how I organize my room once I'm back in action this fall. Being organized just makes me HAPPY. (Because as The Oldest is fond of telling me, I'm a freak. She says this good naturedly because she is a total slob -- but honestly I was too at her age. My how things change.)


  1. awwww shucks! You totally made my day. Most people have fantasies about tropical islands, winning the lottery or of topics that are not mentionable on a public blog. I fantasize about decluttering coworkers classrooms so I totally relate to what you are saying. I'm actually about to help a veteran teacher clean out and organize her room. She agreed to let me take before and after pictures. It's like my own personal Christmas.

    :) JD

  2. Now that is funny. I love organization too. I always love looking at teacher websites just to see how they organize everything. My family thinks I'm nuts but its like being a kid in a candy store for me.