Sunday, May 2, 2010

A New Era

Yesterday was the Big Day. I have to admit with my anxiety issues of late, I did pretty good. It was a bit overwhelming to stand among all the graduates when we went down to the floor and I was pretty intimidated about walking across that stage in front of 13,000 people. The good news is, they went VERY fast in reading the names so it was over almost before it began and the Master's candidates get to go up first so for most of the ceremony I was able to just sit and take it all in, which helped a lot.

I was very pleasantly surprised when my father in law presented me with a cash gift. I wasn't expecting anything and it was a nice gesture. My dad surprised me after the ceremony with a beautiful bouquet of roses.

The best part has been all of the warm wishes from my friends and family. I think that means more to me than any gift anyone could ever give me. The love and support these people have provided me, especially in the last couple of months since I left my classroom, have been invaluable. I am, of course, greatly indebted to The Husband for picking up the slack while I've worked on homework for my graduate classes and indebted to The Oldest and The Littles for being understanding when Mom was on a deadline and couldn't play.

The best gift of all is time. I now have time to give back to my girls and my wonderful spouse and make the absolute most of the rest of my summer off with them. I couldn't be more pleased or grateful.